New Swine Flu Cure Works in Hours

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GlycoMeds announces a new patent pending Swine Flu cure that works in 12 hours. This compound does not treat the flu symptoms but instead kills the virus in a few hours, after which all symptoms cease. This compound has no known side effects and no adverse long term effects.

The Flu, also known as Influenza, has been getting worse over the last few decades. One of the most virulent strains is called the Swine Flu. This year millions of people in the United States will suffer from it and some will even die because of it.

There are currently only four prescription antiviral drugs that are known to mitigate the effects of the Swine Flu. These medications require a prescription from a doctor which requires an office visit. By the time you see the doctor its usually too late for an early recovery and even with prescription medications the flu will still run its week long course.

All of this is a thing of the past thanks to a small company in Phoenix Arizona. After many years of research GlycoMeds has developed a broad spectrum antiviral product that kills the Swine Flu virus very quickly. Human testing has shown that one capsule can kill a whole body viral infection in four to eight hours even if several days into the infection.

Unlike all of the competing flu products on the market today that just treat symptoms GlycoMeds' product is the only one that actually kills the virus within a few hours which automatically eliminates all symptoms. In independent testing this product has been shown to be hundreds of times more effective at killing flu virus then the most potent anti-viral prescription medications known.

GlycoMeds' CEO, Dr. Roger Brown, said that their new broad spectrum antiviral product was equally effective against all of the Group 5 virus which includes the Swine Flu virus as well as Influenza Types A and B. He explained that Group 5 is a classification used to identify virus. More information about Group 5 virus can be found at:

Dr. Brown went on to explain their new broad spectrum antiviral product was not keyed for a particular viral strain, as all other medications are, as their product does not respond to the viruses protein coating, which determines the strain, but is instead keyed to the viruses Group 5 nucleic acid (ssRNA) which can't change. This means that as the virus mutates each year their product will still be effective against the new strain while other medications will lose their effectiveness.

Dr. Brown said that their product works so fast that it required a whole new definition of 'getting well' to understand what is going on. More information on 'getting well' can be found at:

GlycoMeds has packaged their system so it can be sold as an over the counter (OTC) medication not requiring a prescription. They recently filed a patent application for their Group 5 viral discovery and are looking for a company to license and market their new product.

More information about their discovery is available on GlycoMeds' web site at:


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