Does Jatropha Crude Oil Hold Promise Despite Economic Hurdles?

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Has Jatropha the ability to save biodiesel industry facing daunting economics? While a gallon of crude oil costs about 90 cents today, can the same amount of oil extracted from Jatropha be produced at a cost of < 80 cents per gallon? ...the 3rd Global JatrophaWorld Training Programme 2009 (JWTP), India... the most authoritative platform is all set to provide the answer and to introduce you the real world of JATROPHA CURCAS. Seize this opportunity to begin business with Jatropha!

The world biodiesel industry is under pressure because a storm of events--increasing food oil demand, rising production costs, market speculation and the weak dollar, just to name a few--have all contributed to record increases in feedstock costs and the recent and dramatic global economic crisis coupled with the drop in oil prices has further triggered the crisis and the industry is looking for a viable alternate to save it from collapse.

The feedstock deficit-plagued industry badly needs less expensive feedstock in the form of non-food crop like Jatropha and others. The multi-pronged worldwide biodiesel business after the discovery of a less expensive feedstock Jatropha Curcas may again bloom and play the important role in the larger national strategy to enhance energy independence, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create new "green" jobs.

Despite the challenges the Jatropha can make the long-term future for the biodiesel industry makes bright, and no one should doubt either the viability of the industry or ability of Jatropha to meet future demand for fuel. While Jatropha holds a great deal of potential as a biodiesel feedstock, it is also important to acknowledge many hurdles must be overcome before the crop can become economically viable in most parts of the world.

As Jatropha and other non-food oil crops are poised on the cusp of commercialization, Jatropha investors have stepped up their efforts to develop a viable source of Biodiesel, and some are already well on the road to success. However, with so many new projects coming up, and a lack of understanding of the Jatropha Curcas Plant and reliable information; lack of QPM inputs; lack of Best Agricultural Practices and expertise and poor management techniques, many projects are only achieving mediocre results. Therefore The Centre for Jatropha Promotion & Biodiesel (CJP) has again teamed up for providing the most authoritative knowledge platform known as 3rd Global Jatropha Hi-Tech Agricultural Training Programme in Jaipur on July 21st to 25th, 2009 for Development of Sustainable Non-Food Jatropha Oil Crop Projects, Programmes and Priorities to Feed Biodiesel Industry Worldwide.

CJP, the inventor of Jatropha energy farming and specialist in the development of Jatropha as a low-cost, sustainably produced oil, is turning the opportunities of Jatropha into reality through a world-class leadership team, leading-edge genetics unmatched resources technology and expertise and a commitment to sustainability that creates a positive impact on local environments and communities while maximizing Project ROI through Improved Agronomy.

At this cutting edge 5-day event, you'll receive exclusive access to... ESSENTIAL INSIDER FACTS & INFORMATION that will leave you with a solid A-to-Z understanding of Jatropha so you can powerfully shape your business and ensure a positive investment future with this revolutionary biodiesel fuel source.

In Jaipur on July 21st to 25th, 2009, you'll discover:

  • The competitiveness of Jatropha and its financing, agronomic, and processing challenges.
  • Considerations in setting up a commercial-scale Jatropha plantation.
  • The secrets to establishing a viable Jatropha business model in Jatropha growing countries.
  • How to profitably create co-products: organic fertilizer and soil conditioner
  • Exciting innovations in oil extraction and purification.

... Plus much, MUCH more!

JWTP 2009 will pinpoint the agronomy, technology and economics of Jatropha biofuel projects for your own business needs! Time is winding down and you will want to sign up early as we expect available seats to fill up fast. Don't forget to register for JATROPHAWORLD TRAINING 2009 today.

For registration and further information, kindly contact:

Director (Training Division)
Centre for Jatropha Promotion & Biodiesel
B-132, SAINIK BASTI, CHURU Rajasthan, INDIA-331001
TELE- (+91) 1562 255575, +91 141 2335839
FAX: (+91) 141 2335968
MOBILE- (+91) 9829423333,

About Centre for Jatropha Promotion & Biodiesel (CJP)
Centre for Jatropha Promotion & Biodiesel (CJP) India is the Global authority for scientific commercialization of Jatropha fuel crop.

The CJP is only the premier organization that arranges the unique training for all stakeholders to provide them the opportunity to understand, learn, act and implement the Jatropha plans from ground zero to Biodiesel production in a very successful manner
CJP is dedicated to the development of oil seed bearing trees [OSBT] - non-food multiple vegetable oil plantation and technologies in order to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, bring greater control and security of fuel supply and reduce dangerous climate changing emissions, including CO2.

CJP is pioneering the science, planting and production of inedible vegetable oils by planting of a variety of tree & non-food crop plantation.

CJP is engaged in scientific commercialization of non-food fuel crop- that designs and implements the growing of various oil seed bearing tree (OSBT) crops worldwide in a structured Agri-Supply chain, Value additions of inedible oil seeds and research activities thereon & provides support/services from "Soil to Oil" for development and establishment of the non -food Bio-fuel crops.

CJP use its proprietary knowledge to implement programmes through its expertise, technology and IPR knowledge creating new industry and job creation and the offsetting of climate change.

About JatrophaWorld Training 2009 (JWTP)
Based on its proprietary knowledge, plant science expertise, enhanced technology and extensive experience and by integrating technical and managerial issues, CJP has developed Jatropha Agricultural Training package (JWTP) to deliver Competencies through Qualified trainers with a practical 'hands on' approach. The 3rd Global Jatropha Hi-Tech Agricultural Training Programme shall be from July-21-25, 2009 in Rajasthan, India.

Jatrophaworld Training Programme 2009 shall be a sole solution to all prospective stakeholders to know the Jatropha in real form from Plant science to Plant technology. JWTP is unique because of the capability to deliver an integrated "One Stop Solution" for Jatropha Agri-business operations to the agricultural and energy sector world wide.

Since this is Not a Conference, It is A Hi-Tech Training Programme, the Seats are Limited.

Mail to jatrophatraining (at) gmail (dot) com or call +91 9829423333

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