What Percent Of Hitting Is Mental And What Percent Is Physical? Announcing A New Comprehensive Cure For Hitting Slumps

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Why are some hitters great in the cage but terrible once the game begins? A new program designed to help baseball players, parents and coaches end hitting slumps by addressing both the psychological and physical issues associated with the slump.

Alex Rodriguez experiences slumps. David Wright is in a slump right now. College players, high school batters, minor leaguers and little leaguers all get stuck in slumps. In fact, one of the things that separates good hitters from great hitters is their ability to know how to end hitting slumps quickly and efficiently.

Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. Psychotherapist, Founder of http://www.StayInTheZone.com, author of 101 Ways To Break Out Of A Hitting Slump With Sport Psychology And Self-Hypnosis and Get Into The Zone In Just One Minute http://www.stayinthezone.com/baseball.htm and Doug Anderson a former professional baseball player, college player and experience hitting coach have joined forces to help baseball players, parents and coaches to better understand what needs to be done to address the mental and physical aspects of ending slumps and hitting consistently.

Doug Anderson has been teaching hitting for many years and he knows how to accurately diagnose swing problems and make the needed physical adjustments to get hitters comfortable at the plate.

Dr. Granat and Doug Anderson, based in New Jersey, have set up a unique six session program. Each athlete spends three sessions with both men and the two of them will work together to help the hitter develop some new mental and physical tools to take their hitting to that next level. These six sessions cost a total of $649.00. People who sign up will get a free copy of Dr. Granat's CD program and book. This a $125.00 free bonus.

According to Dr. Granat, "The mental and mechanical aspects of hitting go together. A tense athlete can not generate the bat speed he needs to turn on a fast ball. A hitter who is lacking in confidence loses his sense of the strike zone and starts to swing at bad pitches. A nervous batter can not get comfortable in the box. A hitter who has been hit by a pitch may be too scared to perform well at the plate. A player who is trying to please his parents and coaches too much will probably perform poorly. Now there is a place where baseball players can help with all of the aspects involved in hitting. Doug and I feel we can help lots of players who are struggling at the plate.

We plan to do seminars and develop programs for hitters, parents and coaches around the country."

"This time of year, I get calls every day from players, parents and coaches. Many of them believe they are mechanically sound, but they do not know what to do mentally to get on track. These calls come from players at every level. Frequently, they say I am great in the cage, but terrible once the game starts," remarks Granat who was named one of Amercia's Top Ten Mental Gurus by Golf Digest.

"With Skype and other new technologies, we believe we can help players from around the world to become better hitters," says Dr. Granat, who was recently featured in Sporting News and has also been featured in The New York Times, Good Morning America, The Bergen Record, The Canadian Broadcasting Company, The Britsh Broadcasting Company and ESPN.

Dr. Granat has developed a catalog of self-help programs and books for athletes from many sports http://www.stayinthezone.com/1/

You can talk to Dr. Granat at 888 580 ZONE. You can e-mail him at info(at)stayinthezone.com


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