CAMEyeO, Inc. Releases 'faCetalk Online', a Complete Online Video Dating Widget

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CAMEyeO, Inc. ( Releases 'faCetalk Online', a complete, "Out-Of-The-Box" online video dating component with built-in date scheduling and anonymous communication features ready for implementation in online dating service websites.

Does that person look like the picture they posted in their profile?

Online daters have a new feature to put to use:'s new 'faCetalk Online' video dating application. In just a couple of clicks, online daters can schedule a private "video date" and meet their suitor online face-to-face.

Meebo, WooMe, OoVoo, TokBox,, and Toksta are basically video chat rooms with optional text instant messenging. Many of these services suggest use for meeting people for the first time by way of a video chat. is 'speeddating' as it is known in the traditional sense, but in cyberspace.

Omnidate is 'virtual dating' or using avatars (computer image representations of users) to date each other online.

So what is 'faCetalk Online'?

'faCetalk Online' is a free widget that is embedded into an existing online dating service. Members (of that dating service) schedule their online video date with someone they have already met using the anonymous communication services (e.g. anonymous email) of that dating service. Anonymous email reminders are sent to both users to remind them of their 'faCetalk Online' scheduled date. At the time of the date, each user follows the link inside the email bringing each party to the private video page. Using 'faCetalk Online', members can answer such questions for themselves as "Does that person look like the picture they posted in their profile?" or "Does that person smile a lot, have fun, and seem to enjoy life?". Members can also pay attention to important non-verbal communication, signaling whether they should meet that person offline or not.

Toni Coleman (of, a personal relationship coach, says this of the 'faCetalk Online' service: "faCetalk Online is a service that allows you to have an online video date with someone you have met and begun a cyber relationship with through your personal ad. You do this before your first, offline face-to-face date, so that on that first in-person meeting, you don't have first date jitters- you have a meaningful interaction, and it feels like a second date. This could be especially useful to those who have such hectic schedules that they have been unable to find any time to schedule that first in-person meeting. If your online video date doesn't go well, you could decide to try again or make the decision that this is not the right match for you. It's a great time and money saver- and faCetalk Online makes it easy to do, even for those of us who are technically challenged. Seems like a pretty good value to me."

'faCetalk Online' is for live, face-to-face, private online dating. There is no instant messenging. There are no chat rooms. There is no need for video mail. There is no way of knowing the identity of the other person, unless that is disclosed verbally during the online date or previous messages.

Do you want to meet face-to-face online? Users schedule their online video date, just as they would a real date. faCetalk Online allows only registered members to use the application and only when a date is scheduled with both users permission and at no cost to the dating service or website.

faCetalk Online is pure, face-to-face online dating. Period.

See the new 'faCetalk Online' YouTube video here:

Dan Wellisch, CEO of CAMEyeO, Inc and Robert Lee of have partnered to bring the new 'faCetalk Online' video dating widget to market.

Dan Wellisch says of the 'faCetalk Online' widget, "Our product is for use by members of an online dating site, yet our website and support is targeted towards online dating site webmasters. Our focus is to make it as easy as possible for webmasters to add such a desirable feature into an already-existing online dating site. We are a web service providing a value-add so that you can differentiate your online dating site from the rest of the pack."

Robert Lee adds, "The 'faCetalk Online' widget is a great way for current dating service owners to add a wonderful video dating feature to their dating service for low or no cost, and really move up the ladder of competition to take on larger dating services that do not offer this type of service currently to their members. We have developed 'faCetalk Online' to be an unique video dating experience at each dating service that uses our widget because it is available only to any particular dating service's membership. Daters simply schedule their date, receive acceptance confirmation via email and click on the link in the emailed reminder when the date is about to start."

"Access to 'faCetalk Online' is managed completely by the online dating service that embeds it. It will add an additional depth of offered services to every dating service that uses it."

"With membership turnover of about 3 months, it's important for every dating service to incorporate features that make their dating service 'sticky' and 'faCetalk Online' is a great example of increasing member satisfaction, adding an important feature that members will use in their search for love, and yet not increase monthly costs when using the ad-supported version of the 'faCetalk Online' widget." has, on the website, a demonstration widget that is fully functional, so people can try the widget out by setting up their own online video date and dating service programmers can look over the code to publish 'faCetalk Online' into their existing websites. Programmers will immediately see and understand the 'hooks' needed to integrate our 'faCetalk Online' code into their existing membership database.

'faCetalk Online' is available as a customized widget (no advertising) or as the free ad-supported version. Both are ready-to-go for installation today.

About and 'faCetalk Online':
Dan Wellisch has been a software entrepreneur since 1992, and has built software products for many different industries.

Robert Lee has been involved in the online dating industry since 1998 as a promoter and marketer and is best known as the editor of, a dating service review and dating advice website.

Dan Wellisch
danw (at) cameyeo (dot) com
CAMEyeO, Inc.
Phone: 1-847-254-9355

Robert Lee
robL (at) cameyeo (dot) com
Cheerful Attitude Web Design Ltd.
Phone: 1-250-314-7076

This press release contains forward looking statements and is intended as an introduction to and 'faCetalk Online' technologies.


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