Stone Edge Technologies Warns of Upcoming Holidays

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Ecommerce companies only have four or five months to get ready for this year's Holiday sales season. That's not much time to select and implement new software and systems, and to train personnel to use them. Look into a new order management system now to help handle your peak sales load.

You don't want to be going through those changes while a backlog of unfilled orders is piling up in your warehouse!

Stone Edge Technologies, Inc. today warned Web merchants that the Fall Holidays are "closer than you think". "The beginning of June may seem like an odd time to think about Holiday sales", said Barney Stone, company president, "but October and November are not that far away, and by then most merchants will be too busy to make any changes."

This will be Stone Edge's tenth year of selling order management software to small-to-medium Internet retailers, and every Fall they work with merchants who try to implement new systems at the last minute when their order load starts to become unmanageable. "We've even seen merchants close down their Web stores in mid-November and stop taking orders because they couldn't handle the ones they had already received", added John Frazar, Sales Manager at Stone Edge. "Losing the profit from those sales is a merchant's worst nightmare!"

Dealing with seasonal sales peaks is a challenge for most retailers. Having the right product mix and the right quantities on your shelves is just part of the problem. You also have to have the infrastructure in place to take, fill and ship your orders. Otherwise, you risk losing customers and getting bad reviews that can severely damage your business. Frazar pointed out that the time to plan for Holiday sales is now, when there is still time to research your choices, figure out the best way to use them in your operations, make any necessary changes in how you process orders, and start training your staff to use your new systems. "You don't want to be going through those changes while a backlog of unfilled orders is piling up in your warehouse!"

While making changes in your order management and fulfillment processes can be painful, they can also be very rewarding. Stone recommends that you look at your peak sales from last year and try to recall what caused any delays in getting your orders in and out the door. Then estimate your order volume for this year's peak, and make sure you will be ready to handle it. If there were bottlenecks in your systems that slowed you down last year, figure out how to avoid them in the future. If a lot of time was spent entering names, addresses and order information, handling customer inquiries, tracking your inventory, etc., then purchasing an order management system such as the Stone Edge Order Manager that is designed and priced for your size of business can pay for itself in a single season. That is one of the best returns on an investment that you will ever find.

If last Fall found your company running in partial or full panic mode, imagine what it would be like this year to handle more orders in less time, with lower labor costs, fewer mistakes and happier customers. That's what a good order management system can do for you, often for less than the cost of an extra shipping clerk. But the time to get started is now - the Holidays are closer than you think!

Stone Edge offers two free White Papers that can help when you are researching order management systems: Top 5 Signs You Need an Order Management System and Factors to Consider When Choosing an Order Management System.

About Stone Edge Technologies, Inc.
Stone Edge Technologies, Inc. has been shipping the Stone Edge Order Manager since 2000. Today it is used by nearly 2,000 small-to-medium Web, POS and catalog merchants, including eleven of the 2009 Internet Retailer Top 500. The Order Manager is compatible with over 40 Internet shopping carts and other sales channels. Prices range from $1,995 for the Standard Version to $5,995 for the SQL Server compatible Enterprise Version, with no recurring fees other than optional annual maintenance contracts.

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