'Safety in a Snap' To Lead Child Safety Trends This Summer

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New Snap-On Guardian Angel Bracelet ID Developed by Mompreneur Just in Time for National Safety Month. The Guardian Angel Bracelet ID is a secure lock bracelet that can be easily adjusted to fit children of all ages. The bracelet includes a space for parents or caregivers to write the cell phone number of the child's caregiver.

Every seven seconds a child wanders away from his or her family

While sunglasses, sun hats and sunscreen are still likely to be some of this summer's most popular accessories, the Guardian Angel Bracelet ID is quickly making its way to the top of 'mom's must-haves lists'. Created by a mom who lost her child at the beach for nearly 30 minutes, the Guardian Angel Bracelet ID is a colorful, snap-on wristband for kids designed with a space for parents or other caregivers to write important emergency contact information. The wristband is a saving grace for moms and kids everywhere, and is poised to be this summer's most sought after child safety accessory.

"Every seven seconds a child wanders away from his or her family," said Kimberly Martinez, a mother, co-founder of Bonitas International and creator of the Guardian Angel Bracelet ID. "As a parent, you never forget the overwhelming sense of panic that washes over you when your child wanders out of your sight and you realize that they're lost. Kids are curious and easily distracted, and the reality is that we simply can't keep an eye on them every second of every minute. But we can make sure that in the unfortunate event that they get lost, we have measures in place to expedite their safe return."

When Kimberly Martinez lost her four-year old son at the beach, she had a terrifying experience that nearly 90 percent of families face at least once in their child's lifetime. Fortunately, her son was able to tell another mom that he was lost and give her his home phone number. The woman called Martinez's husband at home, who then called Kimberly on her cell phone and directed her to their son's location.

It is impossible for most small children to memorize all of the cell phone numbers of their caregivers, and even if a child does know vital contact information, in panic-filled situations the information that they've previously committed to memory can be difficult to recall. After the safe return of her son, Martinez was inspired to create a safety bracelet on which contact information could be stored in order to help lost children be reunited with their families quickly and efficiently.

The Guardian Angel Bracelet ID is a secure lock bracelet that can be easily adjusted to fit children of all ages. The bracelet includes a space for parents or caregivers to write the cell phone number of the child's caregiver. The creator of the bracelet encourages parents to teach their children that if they get lost or separated from their group, to find a "mommy" and ask her to call the number on the bracelet.

The Guardian Angel Bracelet ID is waterproof and ideal for use at beaches, water parks, amusement parks, school field trips, family vacations and other outings. Also included in each pack of Guardian Angel Bracelets are a waterproof marker and a set of safety tips.

This June, during National Safety Month, the company that manufacturers the Guardian Angel Bracelet ID is encouraging parents to make sure their children know what to do if they are ever lost or separated from a group. The company is also issuing practical tips for parents on how to ensure the safety of their children this summer.

Helpful Summer Safety Tips for parents include:

Take Current Photos: Use a digital camera or your cell phone to take photos of your children before you head out for they day. Take a headshot and a full body shot. In the unfortunate event that you and your children become separated, you will have digital photos to distribute to security guards or local police officers.

Dress with Safety in Mind: If possible, dress kids in identical shirts. This helps parents and other caregivers keep groups of children together. It also makes it easier to show security personnel or police officers what your child was wearing if they become lost.

Teach Your Child to Seek Out a "Mommy": Teach your lost child to request the assistance of a "mommy" if they are ever lost or separated. While not all child abductors are male, according to the National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted and Thrownaway Children, the perpetrator is male in 86 percent of stereotypical kidnapping cases (kidnappings by strangers or slight acquaintances).

Alert and Rely on Law Enforcement: Contact the authorities immediately and request that they enter your child into the National Crime Information Center's (NCIC) Missing Persons File, issue an AMBER Alert and put your child on the 'Be On the Look Out' (BOLO) bulletin.

Remain Calm: Law enforcement officers will be relying on you for vital information that could help locate your child. Though difficult, controlling your emotions can help expedite the process and ensure your ability to recall any important details that may be essential.

For more information about the Guardian Angel Bracelet ID, more child safety tips for National Safety Month or to interview Kimberly Martinez, creator of the Guardian Angel Bracelet ID, visit http://www.GuardianAngelBracelet.com or call (941) 548- 1931.

About Bonitas International

Founded in 2003, Bonitas International is an award-winning accessories and gift product manufacturer, and the creator of BooJeeBeads™ ID jewelry and the Guardian Angel Bracelet. The BooJeeBeads™ flagship product collection includes beaded lanyards and retractable-reel badge jewelry available at http://www.BooJeeBeads.com, http://www.EyeGlassHolders.com and more than 4,000 retail locations throughout North America and Western Europe. The Guardian Angel Bracelet, which debuted in 2009 is a safety wristband for children and available at http://www.GuardianAngelBracelet.com. Bonitas International is the 2004 recipient of the "Hottest New Gift Market Product", 2007 recipient of Orca Communication's "Best New Gift Product Award" and the winner of Count Me In for Women's Economic Independence's "Make Mine a Million $ Business Award". For more information about Bonitas International, visit http://www.BonitasInternational.com

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