An Official Announcement Regarding 3FN.NET, Pricewert LLC  Shut Down Issue

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The following is the first official announcement by 3FN.NET, Pricewert LLC regarding the shut down of its whole network on June 1, 2009.

The following is the first official announcement by 3FN.NET, Pricewert LLC regarding the shut down of its whole network on June 1, 2009.

Dear customers and everyone, who follows on this case.
The following is the first official announcement by 3FN.NET, Pricewert LLC regarding the shut down of its whole network without any notifications.  
The company would like to publish its announcement articulately. In the mean time new paragraphs may be added.  

 1) Pricewert LLC and its brands, e.g. 3FN.NET, have never provided any services for illegal businesses intentionally. There is no evidence proving the opposite and there can not be.  
Pricewert LLC is able to assist the investigation and help finding the real cyber criminals, however, its customer databases and all server are shut down with no access possible to it.
The company's ability to function properly is severely limited, the court decision has restricted and limited our operations that makes us hard to defend and provide the evidence of our innocence.

Accepting and declining payments our billing department has statistics that is similar to world statistics showing that most carders as well as spammers use such respectful email providers as hotmail or yahoo and others. However, this does not mean that  mentioned companies participate in spam or carder activities and obviously no one is going to shut them down. There may be a number of doubtful customers or users in every company. As a matter of fact, the bigger the company is the bigger number of such customers may use its services. No one is accusing Google or any other search engines in showing results and conducting searches for illegal content.

Any provider is responsible to cooperate and assist the investigation. Our company has always been willing to assist authorities in their investigations.
Accusing the provider in illegal actions made by its customers is not the way out and will not solve anything. It causing more damage to law-abiding customers than helps successfully fighting cyber criminals.

2) The company has provided web hosting services for more than 6 years. And it has an experience in solving any issues connected with illegal actions of its customers by reacting promptly and solving the abuse issues without any delays.

All ISPs (those companies Pricewert is renting Internet Service from) are able to prove that our Support and Abuse Department always reacts and it never ignores any abuses or complaints. Our abuse department has been working 24/7/365 and has been taking immediate actions regarding any complaints.

 We have had a positive experience in cooperating with FBI regarding issues connected to one of our customers and we have solved the issue in a quite short period of time. It can be easily proved that our company is always open to cooperate with authorities and there is no difficulty in contacting us.  

3) As for ICQ logs, text files in which ICQ history is saved can not be the evidence of Pricewert complicity. Nevertheless, the dialogue between our representative and botnet owner was misinterpreted. The only intention of our representative was to obtain and further provide the information about botnet holders in order to close their servers and report to authorities.
As we have had an experience in cooperating with the U.S. authorities we know what is required to actually shut down the cyber criminal activity. Our representative was trying to get as much information as possible to have enough evidence in order to take appropriate measures against botnet holders.

FTC has declared in its announcement that such companies as Spamhaus assisted in the 3FN shut down case dated June 1, 2009. At the same time, when entering a request to the Spamhous database there are no current SBL listings for or for
There is a quite an easy way to check this for any company:

 And, the results follow:  "There are no current SBL listings for"
 While you can see:

10-May-2009 10:01 GMT Spamming scam jobs to harvested email addresses


 06-Jun-2009 15:22 GMT Repeat Spammer Spam Hosting (
06-Jun-2009 15:12 GMT Repeat Spammer Spam Sources (
28-Apr-2009 08:28 GMT Domain registrar on auto-pilot (or run by cybercriminals?!)
Our point is that there is a chance to find dishonourable customers at any web hosting service providers.
We will provide documents to the court to compare 3FN operation with other U.S. hosting providers.

It is stated that "Spamhaus has a long history with 3FN, and has sent 3FN more than 70 abuse reports 10 since 2005. Linford Decl., Ex. 4"

However, Spamhaus has no current abuses or complaints on its website to 3FN as it was displayed above. Moreover, it only reports 70 abuses send to 3FN in 4 years. To compare the statistics Spamhaus reports more than 100 abuses every single day and in this scale 70 complaints within 4 years is not much at all.

 4) It is obvious that the case against Pricewert, 3FN.NET may as well be a setup, an effort to conduct the PR campaign showing bright activities against cyber criminals.  

If  FBI or FTC preliminary contacted Pricewert, the company would have certainly agreed to cooperate and as the result more information could have been obtained to assist in the investigation and finding those who may have violated the law.

However, no one from the U.S. authorities has contacted Pricewert or 3FN. The equipment was just shut down and the Internet access was cut off without any given notice. That alone has given possible criminals an opportunity to escape and find other places to manage their illegal activities.

This only means that the measures taken have had no positive effect in fighting the cyber criminals. Such actions will only advise criminals to hide their illegal actions more carefully on other hosts.

Authorities responsible for the shut down just warned criminals and let them to escape and now each hosting provider risks to get new dishonourable customers that will just hide and protect their data much more thoroughly. While cooperating with us could have brought much bigger results in fighting against real cyber criminals.  

5) Providing web hosting services in large scales always means automatic or semi-automatic services of accepting payments and sending accesses to servers.  

Our services, responsible for new customer accounts setup, were semi-automatic and were followed with phone calls verification. Even such methods are not able to secure web hosting provider and will not indicate customer legal or not legal intentions.

If web hosting customer's action violated the law it means the customer violated the law not the hosting provider.  

 The forced shut down of whole of our network has already caused the sheer loss and enormous damage to our company. Along with "blackhat" customers (possible criminals) thousands of white projects have been taken down and customers with decent business are losing money.

Direct damage for millions of US dollars was inflicted and our strongest aspiration is to claim damages and appeal to authorities, responsible for this act, to recover all losses. 

6) To our Customers: As the matter of fact we were not aware of FTC intentions and actions until they have shut down our network without any notifications on June 1, 2009. All damages will be claimed to be recovered and the access to our equipment to be provided as soon as possible.

You should not consider us as a law breaker or any kind of an asylum for criminals.

We are doing our best to assist to manage this unexpected situation and recover your accounts.


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