Second Book of Memoir is Inspiring Tale of Survival from Sexual Abuse

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Threatened for years by her abusive stepfather, Sharon finally escaped during a chase through the woods. Free at last, she now had to make her way in a world of people who wouldn't believe her story, until she found the courage to love again.

Happiness is possible even in the worst situations. Read how one woman escaped her abuser, dealt with her emotional trauma from the past and fell in love in Sharon Wallace's "Surviving a House Full of Whispers" (ISBN 9781932690903, Modern History Press, 2009).

Sharon Wallace detailed in the first book of her memoir, "A House Full of Whispers," the abuse she experienced at the hands of her stepfather, whom she termed "The Night Devil." Now in her second book, "Surviving a House Full of Whispers," she tells how she escaped the situation and how she sought help from other people, including Social Services, only to have no one believe her story.

In trying to overcome her dysfunctional past, Sharon develops various negative and detrimental behaviors, from physically cutting herself to having an eating disorder. But despite the self-loathing she at times exhibits, she also learns how to defend and take care of herself in a world where it seems no one will ever believe or help her.

When love enters her life, Sharon appears to have been rescued from her past, but the trauma she experienced now affects her in her role as wife and mother, making her overprotective and controlling of her children. She also tries to make peace with her mother, and she deals with financial problems from her husband's illness and then her own health issues. Through it all, Sharon stays strong.

Readers rave about Sharon Wallace's valuable, inspirational story. Lynda Bevan, author of "Life After Betrayal," declares, "This is the story of one girl's fear and battle to survive the emotional traumas and deprivation of her past. I can thoroughly recommend this book which will help anyone who is, or has, suffered abuse." Robert Rich, author of "Cancer: A Personal Challenge" states that "Surviving a House Full of Whispers" is "A very honest account, and a very accurate view of the feelings, thoughts and behaviors of people traumatized in childhood and youth. If you suffered in childhood, or are in a helping position to those who have, then you must read this book." Readers will find themselves impatient for the upcoming release of the final book, "A House Full of Whispers: Sharon's Legacy."

About the Author
"Surviving A House Full of Whispers" is a true account from Sharon Wallace's own perspective of what happened while growing up. She tells the story of being abused, how she finally left her abusive family, and how she entered into a happy marriage and became a mother. Today, she resides in England with her husband, Michael, of thirty years. She has five sons and eight grandchildren and has been blessed with the wisdom and courage to stop the dysfunctional lineage. She learned through her husband and sons how to love and be loved. Her grandchildren are happy, content and have a childhood all children deserve. Sharon has been writing for thirty-five years and has numerous poems in the media and online. She is planning on compiling a book of poetry in the future.

"Surviving a House Full of Whispers" (ISBN 9781932690903, Modern History Press, 2009) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit Publicity contact: Review copies available upon request.


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