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Share Article seeks to provide confirmation of a universal set common human concerns and conditions that are universally present after stripping away all political, religious, and ethnic influences. The site's ultimate goal is to publish a series of age, gender, and/or topic driven Humanwrites Journals in support of the site's primary premise. Beyond focusing on capturing the essense of the human spirit in the Journal series, the site also seeks to shine a light on the continuing existence of the many human rights abuses that continue around the world on a daily basis.

The newly launched provides the first website resource seeking to develop a global consensus on issues that reflect on our collective humanity. Its mission is to confirm that there is a base set of human concerns and conditions common to us all once you've stripped away political, religious, and ethnic influence. Explore and confirm our collective humanity and discover how solutions to so many seemingly un-resolvable global issues can be found with less talking and more listening.

Human Writes Questions highlight our individuality and the glories of the Human Condition

First; the site offers a series of questions that go to the heart of what makes us who we are as individuals; namely, our dreams, goals, perspective on family, relationships, and personal philosophies. We compile your responses by age, gender, and country of origin and will publish them in Human Writes Journals.

These journals, built around your responses to our Human Writes Questions, support our theory that our human-nests ultimately transcend all racial, ethnic, and geopolitical influences. At our core as a family of man, our deeper sensibilities will always overshadow the influences of external forces.

Responses to the questions posed, as well as articles submitted and blogs posted, will contribute to the Journals, and thoughtful insights may be chosen for publication in them. Become part of this global effort to catalogue shared experiences and solutions through understanding.

HUMAN RIGHTS issues highlight the continuous existence of Man's inhumanity to Man            

Secondly, but just as importantly, please post a HumanWrites blog as a conduit for gathering and compiling thoughts on daily events and activities that shine a light on the good and bad of how we treat one another in this global community. Be heard on matters of consequence, be they personal insights or external observations.

Submit original articles that speak to our humanity and/or share articles from other sites. This free neutral space is offered to expand our diversity in search of solutions to issues faced across the globe.

Contribute to the search for understanding. HumanWrites needs creative insight to succeed. Whatever the topic, shared wisdom. Teach others how to cope; share techniques for enduring or overcoming a hardship and watch the evolution.

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