Warner Brothers: Crime Mob, Crunk, and Cash Money!

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Shake Up at Warner Brothers! Former Warner Brothers recording artist Lil Scrappy settles three year court battle with Tommy Phillips Iv, Governor of Crunk Incorporated. Lil Scrappy receives the rights to Lil Diamond of Crime Mob, and Phillips' receives the rights to Crime Mob and 100% ownership of Crunk Incorporated. Both Lil Diamond and Crime Mob are distributed by Warner Brothers Records, but Phillips wants out.

The Crunk drama in Atlanta is heating up! On April 9, 2009, Crunk Incorporated, on behalf of its Governor Tommy Phillips Iv, filed a Verified Petition for Temporary Restraining Order against Darryl Richardson II dba Lil Scrappy in the Superior Court of Fulton County, Georgia (Crunk Incorporated vs. Darryll Richardson II 2009-CV-167331). Crunk Incorporated signed a major deal with Warner Brothers to distribute Crime Mob on March 29, 2004. Crime Mob's first album "Crime Mob" and second album "Hated on Mostly", were released under the Crunk Incorporated Imprint and distributed by Warner Brothers Records. Although Crime Mob and Warner Brothers shared Platinum success with Crunk Incorporated with hits like "Knuck if you Buck", internally Crunk Incorporated was being strained.

On May 12, 2009, former Warner Brothers Records recording artist Darryl Richardson dba Lil Scrappy, entered into a settlement agreement with his first manager and former business partner Tommy Phillips Iv dba King Serious Lord (Crunk Incorporated vs. Darryll Richardson II 2009-CV-167331). This agreement finally ended the three year court battle over ownership rights to Crunk Incorporated and Atlanta's own Crime Mob. The settlement leaves Lil Scrappy with the rights to Lil Diamond, and Tommy Phillips' with 100% ownership of Crunk Incorporated and all the rights to Crime Mob.

Tommy Phillips' has always claimed that he was the victim of an Atlanta based conspiracy to prevent him from being Atlanta's new Music Boss (Phillips vs. Mintor and Assoc., Hewiitt, Katz, and Stepp, Johnnie Cabbell, et. 2007-CV-132820; and Crunk Incorporated vs. Tommy Phillips 2007-CV-135508, in the Superior Court of Fulton County, Georgia). He first made his run for the Crown in 2001 when he made a dis record on Ludacris. Although the record played briefly in Atlanta, it was quickly banned by radio. In 2002, Tommy Phillips was approached by Lil Scrappy, then a newly signed artist to Lil Jon's BME Recordings. Ironically, Tommy Phillips was also approached by Rob McDowell of BME Recordings who offered Phillips a recording deal. Phillips chose to manage Lil Scrappy, and ghost write. Tommy Phillips is responsible for hits like "F.I.L.A." and " Watch That", a song featured on DMX's "Never Die Alone" movie soundtrack.

In 2003, Tommy Phillips signed Crime Mob to Crunk Incorporated for management and recording. Warner Brothers and Crunk Incorporated signed a deal for distribution of Crime Mob, on March 29, 2004. BME Recordings never signed Crime Mob, and Crime Mob has never been on BME Recordings. Tommy Phillips, the Governor of Crunk, said, "When I got on with Warner...certain people in Atlanta and specifically at BME, went crazy. They knew I wanted Lil Scrappy to be bigger than Lil Wayne, and I was the new Baby...but Baby don't make beats, I do..."

Despite all the issues, Crunk Incorporated and its Governor are still moving the vision. Governor Phillips is quoted as saying, "God is with me. I just produced my new single called 'Crunk is my Swag'. I am writing a book called 'Who's the Real King of Crunk'. I got a talk radio program I am a putting together called Good P.R. (Good Politics and Religion). I got a TV show I'm putting together called Crunk Top Ten TV. I am building a studio called Digilab Studios. I am selling the remaining five Crime Mob albums and solo projects, including Princess, for $1.5 million. Life is good!"    

"Crunk Incorporated and its Governor, seem to be coming out of the fire like pure gold. This is a story we will continue to follow. In the words of Lil Jon...Crunk Ain't Dead!"

Crunk Incorporated and Crime Mob Contact:
Governor Tommy Phillips

Business Attorney for Tommy Phillips:
Mrs. Ayanna Jenkins-Toney

Warner Brothers Contact:
Kate London
kate.london (at) wbr (dot) com
Robert Jacobs

Lil Scrappy and Lil Diamond Contact:
Uwonda Carter


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