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Media Corporation plc announces the beta launch of the new website.

Choosing and comparing the various forms of credit cards available in the market place has proved a tricky and difficult task for consumers

The new credit card comparison service website,, is providing welcome advice and relief for people choosing a credit card. The market has become a hotbed of activity, and choosing the ideal card to suit our individual needs can be a confusing and complicated ordeal. While the credit world becomes a dominating force in modern society, consumers are spoilt for choice to such an extent they need to receive solid and honest advice to understand the options afforded to them.

Given the variety of uk credit cards, offering a diverse selection of interest rates and benefits for individual purposes can be obtained from many sources, but which is the one best suited to your lifestyle and financial situation is a frequently asked question. "Choosing and comparing the various forms of credit cards available in the market place has proved a tricky and difficult task for consumers," said Justin Drummond, Senior Spokesperson for Expert Credit. "Making the correct choice is a significant component to gaining a card with the lowest interest rates or the best possible deals, especially in the competitive and economic environment we are currently living in. Don't forget, the lowest rate credit card doesn't always make for the best credit card, so read the descriptions carefully before you apply online"

Our letterboxes or E-mail accounts quickly becomes filled to the brim with brightly colored envelopes or eye-catching slogans offering us the latest and greatest credit card packages, enticing and cajoling our senses with special offers and incentives to choose their company over their competition. Justin Drummond added, "We have launched specifically geared towards comparing UK credit card packages, in an attempt to simplify the process. We provide an in-depth review for each card, detailing its specific features and services such as APR, Balance Transfers, Interest Rates and the individual incentives offered to its user."

This might be a godsend for people looking for a new credit card, but what about the people with bad credit and a history of late repayments. We have all succumbed to overuse from time to time and spent what we cannot afford. The credit market has become so powerful that one cannot obtain a mortgage or rent an apartment if your credit rating is in the red. "It's true that we find it difficult to function properly in modern society if your credit report isn't up to scratch." Justin Drummond commented, "Some credit card companies on are sympathetic towards those with bad credit ratings, and allow the ideal platform to rebuild your credit rating, helping to fix your situation."

Those with a poor credit history can breathe a sigh of relief, because living in modern society without a credit card is becoming increasingly difficult. However, obviously there are strings attached with obtaining a bad credit card. "People with a poor credit history can obtain what we refer to as a bad credit card, with significantly higher interest rates." Drummond continues, "The credit card companies are taking a gamble by allowing a person with a previously poor credit rating to own their card, so the high interest rates are a must. The bad credit cards are also ideal for those taking their first steps in the credit world, looking to elevate themselves up the financial ladder."

In these times of ever changing interest rates and economic strategies, consumers need to feel comfortable and confident with the ins and outs of the evolving credit market, in order to save money and cut costs. Justin Drummond understands the change in trends and attitudes by summarizing, "People seek expert advice and tips for making the most out of the credit marketplace. More and more people become knowledgeable as time moves on, by reading financial magazines and referring to the relevant websites like, which provide up-to-date information. Knowledge is power, and power is money." Never have truer words been so eloquently spoken.

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