Iformata Redefines VNOC Services with VNOC Symphony Platform

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New VNOC Symphony platform for enterprise video communication management announced at Infocom.

VNOC Symphony redefines VNOC services from the ground up, creating a framework of interacting web‐services within a service-oriented architecture

Iformata Communications, the leading innovator in worldwide VNOC services, announces its new VNOC Symphony platform for enterprise video communication management. Built on a web‐oriented architecture, VNOC Symphony's framework easily interacts with current and emerging interface technologies for ubiquitous and mobile real‐time access of any meeting resource.

VNOC Symphony provides users the option of scheduling meetings using multiple interfaces, such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, an intuitive web interface, an animated Microsoft Silverlight interface, among others. Within several weeks, interface offerings for Apple's iPhone, Microsoft OCS, and the Blackberry will also be available.

"VNOC Symphony redefines VNOC services from the ground up, creating a framework of interacting web‐services within a service-oriented architecture," said Scott Allen, CEO of Iformata Communications. "This enables users many ways to view the same information, launch impromptu meetings, or schedule large conferences."

At the heart of the platform is a runbook engine called VNOC Conductor which polices meeting setup, maintenance, and teardown in an enterprise environment according to an organization's process rules. Numerous parameters are configurable to ensure departmental or global directives are followed, including setup times, startup messaging, teardown messaging, in-progress meeting modification messaging, custom messaging, remedial functions, escalation processes, email and SMS notifications, charge-backs, conflict management, and many other processes that regulate a complex enterprise deployment.

Business process and implementation logic are compiled into runbook processes during Iformata's customer on‐boarding phase. Iformata works with stakeholders within the organization to integrate current business practices with Iformata's VNOC processes that are specific to the organization. VNOC Symphony stores these processes to follow conference reservation, conference management, fault management and impromptu meeting practices that match the needs of the organization.

Numerous tools are available to users and administrators in the form of widgets, which are interacting web‐services that communicate with VNOC Symphony's framework. Each widget provides a unique toolset, such as the reservation widget, the helpdesk widget, the reporting widget, and many others. A Digital Airlines widget plots live conferences on a geo‐spatial interactive map, showing all point‐to‐point and multipoint meetings graphically. Users may pan and zoom the map from world view to street level, even showing multiple video systems interconnected on a campus network in close proximity.

"In the near future, we will be releasing the information necessary for corporations to write their own widgets and share this technology with other companies, rapidly growing the base of tools available for video management," said Isaac Hogue, director of product development. "This is a first in this industry that we hope will help both small and large businesses meet their
unique and precise needs."

"VNOC Symphony has been deployed to our users over the last few months," said Loren Cunningham, founder of YWAM and president of University of the Nations. "With video systems in thirty different countries, we finally have a powerful, full featured and integrated platform that meets the needs of different cultures in different time zones."

Several reservation widgets already exist to provide numerous options to users. A full featured reservation widget allows users to see photographs of each meeting room, add participants to each site, choose MCU framing, view time zones of each location, and modify in‐progress meetings, among other features. An express scheduler widget lets users quickly create a reservation with as few keystrokes as possible, listing the last ten meetings and ten sites as possible quick start selections. A meet‐now widget enables users to request immediate video services for sites selected, whether by web interface of mobile application.

"We found VNOC Symphony to be the most unique, powerful, and full featured tool in the industry for enterprise video management," said Wayne McAllister, Tandberg's senior vice president of global services. "Because it treats Tandberg's TMS as an interface plug‐in, customers can have the best of both worlds for infrastructure management and user facing tools."

The helpdesk widget allows users to view real‐time information of remedial action in‐progress, or to report issues for assistance or corrective actions. An automated ticket opening system based upon device threshold monitoring and interrogation will be available third quarter 2009. VNOC Symphony is currently available in a hosted environment per user subscription and device
registration basis. View Iformata.com/symphony for product information, beta testing qualifications and program offers.

About Iformata Communications:
Iformata Communications, a privately held company, is the telepresence managed services and video network operations provider of choice for global enterprise firms, equipment manufacturers, and top‐tier carriers and networks. Through international peering relationships with major providers, and by integrating points‐of‐presence (POPs) in 65 countries throughout North America, the UK, Europe, and Asia, Iformata's Telepresence Exchange is the leading video communications network connecting global Fortune 500 firms within a highly managed architecture. Its technicians provide seamless and interoperable performance across disparate equipment, carriers, networks, and geographic locations. The longest‐serving provider of managed services and video network operations in the business, the founders of Iformata created the first immersive telepresence environments.

For more information, please visit http://www.iformata.com or call +1.937.832.6910.


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