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Writer, director, stuntman, actor, and special effects expert Gary Kent recounts the independent movie revolution that rocked the 1960s in his memoir, Shadows & Light / Journeys With Outlaws in Revolutionary Hollywood, set for release by Dalton Publishing in July 2009.

Writer, director, stuntman, actor, and special effects expert Gary Kent witnessed and participated in the independent movie revolution that rocked the 1960s and reverberates still in the works of such admirers as Quentin Tarantino. He recounts those wild and dangerous times in his memoir Shadows & Light / Journeys With Outlaws in Revolutionary Hollywood ($21.95, ISBN 978-0-9817443-7-7), set for release by Dalton Publishing in July 2009.

Gary Kent's career in the entertainment world took him to amazing places, introduced him to a host of truly remarkable people, and, after four decades, left him replete with memories and stories that make up the treasures inside Shadows & Light. His portfolio includes working side by side with some of the biggest names in the movie business, including Jack Nicholson, Brian DePalma, James Caan, Alan Arkin, Penny and Gary Marshall, Bruce Willis, Peter Bogdanovich, and many more. He even found himself munching doughnuts with crazed murderer Charles Manson and his kreepy krawleys.

An officer in this filmic revolution, Kent compiled credits on over one hundred motion pictures and won several major film awards. Shadows & Light is his homage to the artistic, talented makers of magic, who began on the bottom of the dog-pile making biker flicks and nudie cuties and today find themselves on top of the Hollywood heap.

What the World of Film in Saying about Shadows & Light:
"Tripping from the psychedelic 60s to the filmmaker-centric new century, Gary Kent weaves an expertly written and all-true story of the world of movies, with all of the action, actresses, drink, drugs, sex, and creative genius!"
--Don Coscarelli, Producer Director (Bubba Ho-Tep, Phantasm)

"This book is a magic piece of candy, transporting the reader back to earlier days of celluloid Villians and Heroes, where hindsight is 20/20 and artistic license will get you into any game in town."
--Chuck Bail, iconic actor/director/stuntman, Stuntman's Hall of Fame

"Magnificent prose that honors an exciting, turbulent time in the art of movie making magic."
--Paul Lewis, Producer/Production Manager (Easy Rider, Colors)

"Gary Kent gives us an all access backstage pass to the days when filmmaking was poetry, when guys like Jack Nicholson and Warren Oates were working out of offices the size of closets, and craft service was a bologna sandwich. Kent's memories are intimate and evocative, sliding through your consciousness like a fine wine, leaving the taste of a touching time when movies were really movies--a time in our culture that is missed now more than ever."
--Esai Morales, award-winning actor (La Bamba, NYPD Blue), Screen Actor's Guild Board of Directors, Co-founder of National Hispanic Foundation for The Arts.

"Gary Kent has either an extraordinary memory or an extraordinary imagination. His experiences on my movies in the 1960s explore a parallel universe of which I was unaware, but because of his detailed recreation I accept as accurate and true. It's a fascinating trip and a riveting read."
--Monte Hellman, director and producer (Ride The Whirlwind, The Shooting, Two Lane Blacktop, Reservoir Dogs)

"Gary's odyssey takes him into the world of A-List Hollywood, Poverty Row impresarios, mad geniuses, doomed starlets and, maybe most compellingly, among the stuntmen, bit-players, horse wranglers, and grips who labor behind the scenes but are no less fascinating than the baby faces who get the big closeups. What a canvas! What a life! What a book!"
--Lars Nilsen, Alamo Drafthouse

"Gary Kent chronicles the subtle birth and growth of a dazzling cinematic style, born from the evolving mindset of its audience. It's a world I know and Gary got it right! He turns the trick without breaking a sweat, easy reading, like breathing fresh air, yet loaded with brilliant metaphors and insights that make this book meaningful. Very stylish work."
--Richard Rush, director

"Kent had the acting chops to star in films, the backbone to make a living as a stuntman, and the determination to learn every job on a film set. He and his fellow movie mavericks embarrassed the major studio system by blindsiding it with their creativity and originality. Their work can never be marginalized and may never be repeated. Thanks to the revolutionary work they left behind, it will also never be forgotten."
--Ken Kish, Producer and Owner, Cinema Wasteland Movie Exposition, Cleveland, Ohio

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gary Kent was born among the wheat fields on a ranch in Walla Walla, Washington. Much of his young life was ephemeral, spent doing everything from publicity for the U.S. Naval Air Corps to news reporting in Houston, Texas, and performing at the Alley Theatre and the Houston Playhouse. Gary spent 45 years in Tinseltown as a stuntman, actor, writer, director, and special effects wizard. Throughout his career in Hollywood, Kent worked alongside many film greats including Jack Nicholson, Penny Marshall, Brian De Palma, Dick Clark, Bruce Campbell, and William Shatner. Bold, creative, and pioneering, Gary's body of work reflects his passion for challenging the accepted norms and pushing the limits of what film can achieve. In doing so, he and his movie-mad revolutionaries of the 1960s and 70s helped to change the filmmaking world forever. Gary Kent wrote and directed five motion pictures that received international distribution and won several major awards. He currently resides in Austin, Texas.

For more information, visit http://www.garykentfilmmaker.com

ABOUT DALTON PUBLISHING: Dalton Publishing, an independent press based in Austin, Texas, adheres to the highest editorial and printing standards, while respecting the cutting-edge visions of its world-class stable of authors. Through a model of support, marketing, publicity, and social media, Dalton Publishing provides authors a platform for success in the highly competitive publishing market. Genres for publication include: fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Dalton Publishing titles are distributed nationally by Midpoint Trade Books.

FACT SHEET: Shadows & Light by Gary Kent

ABOUT THE BOOK: Shadows & Light / Journeys With Outlaws in Revolutionary Hollywood illuminates the "reel" revolution that started in 1960 with the work of Director John Cassavetes. Written by writer, director, actor, stuntman, special effects guru, and production manager Gary Kent, Shadows & Light is his homage to the artistic, talented makers of magic, who began on the bottom of the dog-pile, and today find themselves on top of the Hollywood heap. Gary was an officer in this revolution, compiling credits on over one hundred motion pictures and winning several major film awards. The book is filled with reminiscences of the hardscrabble beginnings of independent film; anecdotes about the movers, shakers, and wannabes in and around the L.A. scene including jazz great Chet Baker and famed poet Charles Bukowski; intimate photographs; and more accumulated over forty-some years in independent, outrageous, and courageous cinema.

Shadows & Light features stories of Jack Nicholson, Bruce Willis, James Caan, William Shatner, Ann-Margret, Penny Marshall, Sonny Barger, and many, many more.

Release date: July 15, 2009

TITLE:        Shadows & Light
SUBTITLE:    Journeys With Outlaws in Revolutionary Hollywood
AUTHOR:    Gary Kent

PUBLISHER: Dalton Publishing
DISTRIBUTOR: Midpoint Trade Books

CLASSIFICATION: Film History/Motion Picture Biography/Stunt Performers

PRICE: $21.95
BINDING: French Flaps    
# PAGES: 420    
ISBN-13: 978-0-9817443-7-7    

PUB. DATE: July 2009

PUBLISHER URL: http://www.daltonpublishing.com/shadows
AUTHOR URL:    http://www.garykentfilmmaker.com


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