AdapTx Labs Introduces First Cardio Supplement Products Developed Specifically for MMA Fighters

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Formulated to Help Fighters Boost Endurance, For a Limited Time, First Orders of CardioFactor™ and PreFight™ Are 25% Off at

MMA combines the big three of wrestling, grappling and stand-up

What do leading MMA fighters Jake Shields, Miguel Torres, and Joe Soto have in common with Tibetan Sherpas? They all take nutritional supplements to increase their cardiovascular endurance. AdapTx Labs announced today that the company is sharing its secrets and offering these supplements to fighters everywhere. Fighters can now go to and get 25% off their first order until July 31, 2009.

AdapTx Labs is the first company to develop proprietary cardio and energy boosting supplements for MMA fighters. Their flagship products CardioFactor™ and PreFight™, when used together, give fighters a complete cardiovascular edge. CardioFactor™ is a daily supplement designed to help fighters not gas out, while PreFight™ delivers a boost just prior to training and competing.

Both CardioFactor™ and PreFight™ were developed by a team of medical and exercise physiology experts in collaboration with professional MMA athletes. Both products are 100% legal and contain no substances banned by the USADA, WADA, and by the state athletic commissions of Nevada and California. AdapTx Labs' products are manufactured with the highest quality ingredients in a facility compliant with FDA good manufacturing practices. Each product is validated by a third party, independent laboratory for purity and absence of contaminants.

"MMA combines the big three of wrestling, grappling and stand-up," says David Nader, AdapTx Labs Founder, "But every fighter knows that cardio is MMA's fourth pillar."

CardioFactor™ is a proprietary fighting formula engineered under the direction of AdapTx Labs product science team member, Dr. J.P. Saleeby -- a medical doctor and expert on adaptogenic compounds. CardioFactor ™ contains a blend of potent adaptogens that have been studied extensively for their ability to promote cardiovascular adaptations at the molecular level. These physiological adaptations will help fighters to:

o    Push harder and longer in training
o    Recover faster between bouts of intense effort
o    Maintain lean body mass during prolonged cycles of aerobic training

Jake Shields, the Strikeforce superstar said about CardioFactor™, "I never thought I could raise the intensity of my training. Thanks CardioFactor!" Similar feedback has been shared with AdapTx Labs by other top fighters including Miguel Angel Torres, the WEC Bantamweight champion; Joe Soto, 145-pound Bellator champion; and Kyle Pimental, 170-pound PFC champion.

When fighters experience extreme fatigue ("gas-out") during training or competition, it is caused by the body's inability to keep up with the energy demands needed to win. The enhanced oxygen delivery potential of the adaptogens in CardioFactor™ was first discovered by Tibetan Sherpa's climbing Mount Everest. To bolster this potential, AdapTx Labs added its own proprietary blend of compounds (Mitochondrial Matrix™) studied for their ability to promote cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

Now MMA fighters can take a pre-fight energy supplement made especially for them. Never before has a training aid been created with the single goal of helping fighters get fired up to fight and train with such intensity. That was the goal of the product science team at AdapTx Labs when they created PreFight™.

PreFight™ contains a blend of potent adaptogens and metabolic agents that have been studied extensively for their ability to deliver an immediate physical and mental energy surge to fighters through:

o    Increased energy output
o    Improved reaction time
o    Increased muscular power
o    Reduced perception of pain and fatigue
o    Heightened state of motivation and focus

Translation: an adrenaline rush that flips a switch in the body and mind in preparation for battle.

AdapTx Labs' R&D has worked with doctors, exercise physiologists and manufacturing experts to design legal, safe and the most innovative products to accelerate fighting performance. As important as any MMA gear a fighter might own, AdapTx Labs nutritional products are focused 100% on helping fighters take their game to the next level.

AdapTx Labs carefully selected each compound in CardioFactor™ and PreFight™ for its potential to support optimal performance of fighters. During the research and development process, several other compounds were considered by the team of experts, but were excluded for lack of research and pharmacological potential for superior fighting cardio and energy.

To purchase CardioFactor™, PreFight™ please go to The company's Web site also features detailed product information with extensive compound research.

About AdapTx Labs, Inc.:
AdapTx Labs was formed by biotechnology industry veterans with a passion for athletic performance and MMA. The goal of the company from the outset was to combine the science of drug development, natural medicine and exercise physiology to create a legal, yet potent line of supplements specifically for fighters.

AdapTx Labs also promotes a "Fight Smart!™" mentality. It recognizes that in addition to hard work and physical development required of top-level fighters, it is the discipline, professionalism and intelligent approach to nutrition and training that make the difference between making progress and being left behind.

Additional product and company information can be found at

AdapTx Labs ► Fight Smart!™


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