Exec Digital magazine Gets Face to Face with America's Power Couple Jack and Suzy Welch, Icons of Focus and Leadership

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Mark Victor Hansen in a Q&A, Hong Kong as the place to do business, answers to vacation quandaries and more in the July issue of Exec Digital magazine on ExecDigital.com

Jack Welch is one of the great CEOs of the last century, having led General Electric from a market value of $13 billion to more than $400 billion during his tenure as CEO, and has since gone on to log many more successes. His wife Suzy has done the same as a prolific writer and author, and together the Welches make for one monolithic power couple. In this month's Exec Digital magazine, found on ExecDigital.com (http://www.execdigital.com), see what Jack and Suzy Welch have to say about Obama, CEO responsibility and the meaning behind Suzy's New York Times bestseller 10-10-10 A Life Transforming Idea.

Quotes from the article:

  •     Jack Welch to CEOs today: "You've got to be sure your company is stable, so you have to focus on getting cash. That is the number one priority: be sure you've got cash and that you aren't depending on somebody else to finance you."
  •     Jack Welch on focus: "Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion."
  •     Suzy Welch sums up her life-changing book 10-10-10: "What will the consequences of my options be in 10 minutes, 10 months, and 10 years?"

The full article is available in the July issue of Exec Digital magazine at: http://www.execdigital.com/Magazine.aspx?id=1208

Or the article can be found directly at: http://www.execdigital.com/Magazine.aspx?id=1208&page=26

Mark Victor Hansen, co-founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul, lecturer, and Guinness Book top-selling author, catches up with Exec Digital in the July issue to share his thoughts on succeeding in business and the current economy.

Hansen on today's economy:

  •     "The only way out is with new visionary leadership that brings brand new innovation and marketing."
  •     "We've got to make way for tomorrow, because tomorrow is more exciting than today."

Hansen is yet another icon who epitomizes leadership, and despite the groundbreaking popularity of the Chicken Soup book series, which has topped $1.3 billion in retail sales, he isn't even close to slowing down. The full Q&A with Mark Victor Hansen is available directly at: http://www.execdigital.com/Magazine.aspx?id=1208&page=88

In other business news, Exec Digital magazine features:

  •     A Business Traveler's Guide to Hong Kong: As Hong Kong matures into an important center for international finance and trade, Exec Digital explores the inherent business opportunities that exist in this burgeoning metropolis. To see if Hong Kong is the right destination for your investment, read the full article directly at: http://www.execdigital.com/Magazine.aspx?id=1208&page=58
  •     While the Cat's away… In Exec Digital's lead story, we explore what can be done to allay the fears some CEOs may have when leaving the office behind. The full article is available directly at: http://www.execdigital.com/Magazine.aspx?id=1208&page=20

In Anatomy of an Owner, Exec Digital looks at the faces behind some of the most successful and not so successful sports teams in the world so you can decide whether getting in at the top is a venture for you. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and Bob Kraft, longtime owner of one of the NFL's highest valued franchises, the New England Patriots, are among the elite who came in with the brass and savvy to build winning teams.

The full article on sports business can be found directly at: http://www.execdigital.com/Magazine.aspx?id=1208&page=52

Lifestyle features in Exec Digital magazine:

  •     The Gym-Free Travel Workout: Business travel is a way of life for most of our readers. So Exec Digital designed a workout regimen that can be done on the road, in any hotel room. To get a full-body workout in 25 minutes without the gym, read our tips on staying lean and mean even while traveling. The full article on gym-free workouts is available at: http://www.execdigital.com/Magazine.aspx?id=1208&page=80
  •     The Art of Time Travel: When was the last time you thought of the virtues of taking the train - not for the purpose of getting from point A to point B, but to actually experience the journey? Exec Digital reawakens the romantic ideal of tasting life from the slow but steady pace of the train. To explore the top railway journeys, view the full article directly at: http://www.execdigital.com/Magazine.aspx?id=1208&page=62

The complete July issue of Exec Digital magazine is available at: http://www.execdigital.com/Magazine.aspx?id=1208

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