Gold Rush Imminent as World Monetary System Collapses, According to

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With US total debt exceeding $50 trillion in the face of an imploding economy, Inc., a Caribbean gold company announces that they are expecting investment demand for gold to explode as investors seek viable alternatives for the dying dollar.

Gold has always functioned as the ultimate safe haven Inc., a Caribbean gold company, expects investment demand for gold to explode as investors seek viable alternatives for the dying dollar. Inc. says gold is about to become the next big thing in the investment world. Foreign countries are pulling the plug from the US dollar and start diversifying into gold. As gold remains the ultimate safe haven, investors drove up investment demand for gold, according to the World Gold Council, to an unprecedented high in Q1 2009. Not surprisingly institutions like City Group, HSBC and Merill Lynch are calling for substantial higher gold prices down the road as world unravels. With gold on the verge of breaking the psychological important $1000 barrier gold finds itself in the spotlight of a fast growing investment crowd waiting for an entry point to load up on gold. A good example concerns Greenlight Capital, the $5.1 billion hedge fund which bought gold for the first time recently amid the threat of inflation from increased government spending.

"Gold has always functioned as the ultimate safe haven," says Eric Hommelberg, gold news letter writter and founder of Inc. "Gold has retained its purchasing power for more than 6000 years and remains the ultimate form of payment in the world. What we're witnessing these days is the US printing its way out of debt thereby undermining its credibility to maintain purchasing power for its own currency. This is happening right now on a world wide scale thereby driving more investors into gold which of course cannot be debased at will."

The pressure on the US dollar becomes more intense by the day. China, not too happy about current US monetary policies, calls for a new world reserve currency which does not belong to an individual nation. In the meantime China has ramped up its own gold holdings by 76% over the last 6 years. China obviously has chosen the golden path, they want to diversify out of the dollar and into gold and they're very vocal about it. Investors are following suit and ramped up investment demand for gold to a record high during the first quarter of 2009.

The main question for the mainstream investor remains how to participate in gold investing and what prices could be expected coming years. Hommelberg comments: "The primary reason for gold investing should be to protect your wealth, not to get rich quick. You simply would not want to live in a world with gold prices over $10.000. But having said that investors should protect themselves against a potential monetary fall-out which could render most currencies worthless Zimbabwean style. Gold then will emerge as the only currency of choice and will seek to counter balance the US public debt held in foreign hands. This would require gold prices these days exceeding the $10.000 mark. This may seem absurd but it's the same methodology used in the seventies that predicted $850 gold."

Investors seeking a way to protect themselves through gold offered and stored by a third party could opt for Since 2001 thousands of individuals have used to buy gold & silver to protect their wealth from today's financial uncertainties. The gold bought from is stored securely in specialized bullion vaults in Zurich and London.

Investors looking for physical gold in their hands should look for Bullion Dealers selling fine 999.9 gold from a brand which is recognized by the London Bullion Market Association as an acceptable Good Delivery Refiner. Bullion dealers should deliver their gold including the Assay Certificates that guarantees the fineness of 99.99% pure gold and its content. Hommelberg prides himself to offer his clients one of world's most accepted gold bars produced by Valcambi Suisse. Valcambi Suisse is one of the oldest refineries in the world and for more than 40 years the sole manufacturer of the famous Credit Suisse gold bars which makes the Valcambi bars one of the most accepted gold bars in the world. These bars (range 1 - 100g) are offered through the GoldDrivers Bullion Store website at .

When asked about whether or not gold is a bubble about to burst Hommelberg says gold is nowhere trading to what historical averages would suggest. Furthermore he dismisses the idea of gold being in a mania phase. In 1980 he says we had a gold mania. Back then about 5% of all invested money was invested in gold and gold shares. Back then people were queuing in lines waiting in front of the Toronto banks in order to buy gold. Right now only a fraction of 1% of all invested money is invested in gold and gold shares and we're not seeing people queuing in lines yet waiting in front of the banks to buy gold. Although investment demand is picking up in a spectacular way these days we're nowhere near a mania like the one of 1980.

Investors buying gold these days are not going to regret it in a few years time Hommelberg says. The only thing they will regret by then is the fact they only bought so little.

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