Victim of Crimes As Youth Strikes Back Years Later; Launches Web Site - "Your Security and Safety"

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A 72-year-old retiree, the victim of numerous crimes as a child, a young man and an adult growing up in Washington, D.C., fights back many years later with a web site that helps deter crimes.

A retiree who experienced several personal attacks in his youth growing up in some tough neighborhoods of Washington, D.C., has struck a blow for all who are threatened with violations of their persons, their homes or their businesses with the announcement of a new web site. Its title includes the words "your security and safety."

"Those are precious concepts for all," said the site owner, Naples, Fl., resident Robert E. Dimond, now 72.    "Whether you are 9 or 90 years of age, you want to be able to feel secure and safe while walking down the street, sitting in your living room or working in your office. I am hoping to contribute to the average citizen's peace of mind with this site, because I have been there and I know how it feels."

Robert has vivid memories of his first dust-up, at the tender age of nine, with some young thugs who were up to no good. "Four or five of these kids had watched me in a local drug store buy some items for my grandfather, including a big box of chocolates, and get change for a twenty - a small fortune in those days just after the war," he remembers.

"I was riding my sister's bike and they jumped me and dragged me into an alley before I could take off," he continues. "I flailed away at them to no avail and took some punches myself as they simultaneously grabbed my purchases out of my hands and ripped my pockets away to get at the change I carried. It was pretty scary for a nine-year-old."

Robert later helped police find the "perps" and testified against them in juvenile court. Score one for the good guys.

A home invasion when Robert was in high school had him wishing for some kind of practical self-defense tool to use at the time. Awakened in the middle of the night by a family member to the sound of an intruder in the basement, his only "fighting instrument" was a sword he carried as an officer in his school's cadet corps.

"Picture this scene," he says as he thinks back. "There I was standing in our back driveway, looking down into the darkness of a doorway to our basement. A bright shaft of moonlight outlined a man braced against the wall just inside the door. What in the world was I going to do with that sword if he came out after me?"

It turns out the intruder was "frozen" to the spot by a bluff by Robert, as he called out to his brother at an upstairs porch overlooking the drive: "Keep your rifle aimed at the driveway and I will keep my sword at the ready." Some 15 long minutes later a black police van responded to a call for help and the home invader was taken away.

There were other incidents - a drunk who had been warming up in his unlocked car overnight attacked Robert (at the age of 17) as he opened the door at 5 a.m. the next morning to go to work. A thief pushed him down outside his office door as Robert (at the age of 19) tried to stop him from running off with a colleague's purse, then threatened him with a knife when Robert followed him. And a pickpocket relieved him of his wallet and fled through the closing doors of a train before Robert (then aged 22) could reach him.

"All my life it has bothered me terribly that good people are assaulted without provocation and robbed - or worse - because they had nothing with which to battle their attacker," Robert says. "I am now just contributing in a small measure to help even the odds in these kinds of situations and offer those good people a fighting chance."

The new web site will have many devices to help protect individuals, to protect homes against burglary and to ward off thieves and prowlers from business settings. "If we can prevent one person from being injured or robbed or worse," Robert said, "then it will be worth the effort."

The site will offer a wide variety of products for security and safety, such as pool alarms, surveillance cameras and numerous videos that provide self-defense training tactics.

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