World Renowned Healer Encourages Healthcare Professionals to Embrace the Power of Intentions

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Adam DreamHealer holds "Intention Heals" workshops around the world promoting what he sees as the most overlooked aspect in preventative health care today: INTENTION. Forty percent of those who attend Adam's one-day workshops are healthcare professionals. Participants experience self-empowerment as he merges the auras of all and performs two unique group energy treatments. Rolling Stone Magazine said "Adam is becoming one of the world's most in-demand healers".

Adam Dreamhealer is a Molecular Biologist, healer, speaker and teacher of self-empowerment. It is well known that a positive attitude promotes healing. This knowledge is instinctual and does not need to be explained even to a young child. From a very young age it is accepted that intention is an important factor in any healing process. Medical communities in cultures all around the world have known for thousands of years that a focused positive patient is more likely to heal. Adam DreamHealer BSc Hons (1st) emphasizes this at all his workshops, in his books and DVD as the most overlooked preventative aspect of medicine.

In the 1950's when Watson and Crick solved the structure of DNA things suddenly changed. The scientific community became obsessed with finding a structural biochemical explanation for every biological event. As technology advanced it seemed that every mystery in biology could be explained by physical chemical interactions. In 2003 the human genome was sequenced and at that time this was thought to be the final frontier in molecular biology, which would leave few remaining mysteries in biology.

Rather than solving all biological questions, it was realized that there are many important mechanisms that are poorly understood. Stem cells are particularly effective at highlighting some key concepts that remain unknown. Every cell in a person's body carries the exact same genetic information, yet the brain cells look and function dramatically different than skin cells. How is this possible?

It turns out that there are proteins that associate with the DNA and it is these proteins that determine which genes are "turned on" and which ones are not. It is this selective control of the DNA that results in these cells having completely different properties. These discoveries resulted in the development of a new field of study known as epigenetics. This is important with regards healing because these proteins are incredibly sensitive to their environment.

The slightest change in the environment results in significant changes to these proteins, which consequently influence every aspect of the cell metabolism. When someone is trying to improve his or her health, regardless of what the medical condition is, the goal is to change cell metabolism such that balance can once again be restored.

Epigenetics has dramatically changed our understanding of biology as it established that environment has a significant and detectable impact on changes in every cell in the body. A crucial factor in the environment is how a person chooses to perceive their environment. It is certainly evident that the human body reacts differently when relaxed as opposed to when stressed or tensed. If a situation is perceived to be positive and ideal for healing then this changes the environment within the body. This directly influences cellular events and consequently health.

Human cells are no longer considered to be complex biochemical machines that function solely on chemical and physical interactions. It is important to remember that cells are conscious organisms which do everything possible to maximize their contribution to health and well being. Every cell in the body is functioning together for the benefit of the whole organism. This knowledge is very empowering because everyone has the power to influence every biochemical event that occurs in the body.

Finally molecular biology is beginning to confirm what has been known to be true for thousands of years, that our intentions influence our health. So take the time to clear your mind and talk with your cells because they are certainly listening to what you have to say.

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