Finally, Step-by-Step Instruction on How to Set Up a Solar Energy System That Can Power a Home for the Do It Yourselfer

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Finally, an easy to understand programmed instruction DVD on how to set up a solar energy system from the ground up has been released. Until now there have been no in-depth videos on this complex subject. Do it yourselfer's used to have to search through many volumes to find the information contained here.

Learn Sun Power: How to Set up Batteries, Inverter, Charge Controller, and Panels for a Complete Off-grid Solar Energy System the DVD was released July 1, 2009 after two years in production. Although it covers an off-grid system it is just as helpful for someone who wants to be partially on grid but would rather set up the system themselves.

This is not an overview but rather programmed instruction. This DVD shows, step-by-step, how a 650-watt, off-grid, do-it-yourself solar-panel system was set up. The system partially replaced a 2-gallon-a-day gasoline-driven generator system and was estimated to pay for itself (based on the price of gas) in about 2-3 years. Starting from the ground up, it explains the importance of grounding and explains how to ground the system as it is set up. Topics include: How to calculate overall energy needs and how to reconcile them with space concerns and affordability. Solar panel math is explained simply so that viewers can calculate their needs in terms of: batteries, inverters, panels and wiring. How to re-evaluate and reshape energy usage to fit what user can realistically afford is explained. How to set up typical inverters and charge controllers. Safety issues. How to connect wiring and wire size with links to wire size calculators on the website. How to set up a battery and inverter system first, and test them as a working unit before adding solar. What to consider when choosing solar panels. The advantages of setting up panels and batteries in both series and parallel. Using a combiner box to add additional panels later. Choosing a generator for backup or to equalize your batteries. How to test the specific gravity of batteries with or without a hydrometer. How to wire panels. Lightning grounding. As well as system layout, washing panels once they are setup, etc.

The focus here is an easy to understand explanation of how to set up and independent, self-sustaining energy system that can support most of the needs of a small off-grid home. Links to the data mentioned in the DVD that viewer will need can be found on the website.

Technical Details:
Region 0 DVD will play on multi region DVD players anywhere


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