New Aeronautical Lifting System Invention Doubles the Lifting Ability of Airfoil Wing Designs

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In a wind tunnel set of experiments searching for a way to provide more lift to a new fire fighting aircraft inventor Michael C, Longo discovered a new way to create more lift in a typical airfoil design. "I ran my thought experiment, then built my system for wind tunnel testing and it works far better than I expected," said Mr. Longo. "I was hoping for a 30% improvement in lift but got over 100% improvement at slow air speeds. Even more than 100% improvement in lift is achievable," he says, "It all depends of what you want."

In a wind tunnel set of experiments searching for a way to provide more lift to a new fire fighting aircraft inventor Michael C, Longo discovered a new way to create more lift in a typical airfoil design.

There are five main benefits to using this new system on current and new aircraft. It increases lift, it decreases drag, it increases speed, it increases fuel mileage, and increases the structural integrity in the wing where it is installed. The wind tunnel experiments use a 2-foot by 2-foot fan for the wind tunnel, blowing air at 10 mph, a 16 inch wing span scale wing using the PBY-5a airfoil lifts 70 grams at a 6 degrees angle of attack. Then when the new lifting system was turned on the test wing lifts 140 grams, doubling its lifting ability. Other airspeed tests were run at 5 and 15 mph and it was discovered that more than 100% improvement is present at 5 mph and less than 100% improvement is achieved a15 mph. "I think the lessening of the lift at higher speeds occurs due to the equipment limitations of my new lifting test components" explains Michael. "I think you can still double your lift at higher speeds if you use components to the new lifting system to meet those needs. Aerodynamically the laws don't change so doubling your lift at any speed is possible."

"In the course of designing a new fire-fighting airplane I knew I needed more lift to carry heavy loads of water, so just like Howard Hughes was forced to invent a new use of hydraulics to control the heavy control surfaces on the Spruce Goose, I was forced to figure out a way to increase lift in a conventional airfoil. I say forced due to the requirements I gave myself to design a shortened wingspan plane that can get in and out of small rivers and lakes for its amphibious water pickups, while carrying 18 tons of water," Michael explains.

This new lifting system can be fitted to most any airplane for said enhanced flight characteristics. Mr. Longo has fitted it to a radio controlled scale model of this new fire-fighting airplane design, but has yet to fly it. To see a picture of it you may find a link from this page, if not, e-mail Mr. Longo and he will send you one. It is a single purpose fire-fighting airplane that promises to end any out of control fire in this country in 2 hours after the fleet of this type of airplane is put into service. He hopes to inspire people to demand that this type of airplane to be put into production, 100 of them, to create a "Force of Rain", called the United States Rain Force, that can dump up to 54 tons of water on the fire line per minute till the forest fire is out.

This press release therefore serves two purposes, one to announce the new way to increase lift in an airplane and second to advance a solution to stopping out of control forest fires. With enough focus on this problem, Mr. Longo believes that this nation will begin creating the will to put an end to out of control forest fires. It has many features that are needed to overcome the wide range of problematic variables that usually occur in out of control forest fires from high wind driven fires and turbulence over the fire to quick turn around times picking up heavy water loads.

The new wing lifting system is perfect for an airplane manufacture to install in their new airplanes, and perfect for airplane repair and upgrading shops to install in existing aircraft. Mr. Longo is ready to demonstrate the new lifting invention to those who would be interested in using it in their products. A patent search was completed and there is nothing like it in the world. Call or write him for more details on how a meeting can be scheduled to see the experiment. As for the new fire fighting airplane design, he thinks that only President Obama can advance this new fire-fighting force called United States Rain Force, as the funding is near 10 billion dollars to build the fleet. So, Mr. President, please consider this Rain Force project for our country, as we need a way to put out long lasting fires on our warming planet.

About Michael C. Longo:
Inventor with one prior patent "The Weightless Chair" out of production, Author with one book published "Shining Like the Sun" not being promoted, Independent Auto Repair Mechanic.


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