New Book Making Babies Helps Couples Avoid Infertility

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With fertility levels in rapid decline, many couples are searching for answers to successful conception. Australian natural fertility specialist Jason Jackson has helped more than 5,500 couples losing hope of becoming parents to have health babies. Now he is releasing his first book as a definitive guide to empower couples with the information they need to navigate their way through the fertility maze.

A new book called Making Babies - The definitive guide to improving your fertility and reproductive health has just been released by Jason Jackson - an Australian naturopath who has helped more than 5,500 couples overcome fertility issues and have healthy babies.

Infertility currently affects tens of millions of couples worldwide. Approximately 6.1 million clinically recognized sub-fertile or infertile American couples alone are being medically treated at any given time, and this number does not include people who have not sought formal treatment. In Australia, infertility currently impacts more than one in six couples, or over three million Australians, and this trend is increasing. One in three couples is predicted to be affected by infertility within the next ten years.

Today men are overtaking women as the leading cause of miscarriage. Male reproductive disorders are estimated to contribute between 50 and 70 percent of genetic miscarriages in western countries.

"Fertility is a couple's issue, not a women's issue. The fact is 30 percent of men with perfectly adequate sperm have trouble fertilising a healthy female's ovum to achieve conception. There must be other factors contributing to men's infertility," Mr Jackson said.

In the Making Babies book, Jason answers why fertility levels are declining so rapidly and what can be done to reverse this trend, including:

  •     How to improve fertility naturally
  •     Male and female reproductive failure
  •     Foods to avoid and foods to improve fertility
  •     Why stress and the pill can interfere with fertility
  •     How natural medicine can increase success of IVF
  •     Medically assisted reproductive techniques available

The average age of women Jason has treated is 38. Statistics show couples are waiting until later in life to become parents, challenging their bodies' biological clocks.

"Chances of successful conception decrease as you age into your 30s and 40s, but there is still hope to defy the laws of statistics and make the improbable happen. Even with these statistical odds, the number of births among women aged 45 to 49 today has increased a remarkable 500 percent from only a decade ago," said Mr Jackson.

Through Jason Jackson's Greenslopes Naturopathic Clinic, more than 60 women aged 48 and more than a few 50-year-old women have given birth for the first time after being given little to no chance of natural conception.

"Diagnosing reproductive problems is intriguing because it's the little details that can make the difference. In my experience, it is not always the most obvious problem that is the actual cause, but rather the less obvious factors that are the ultimate culprit," he said.

Stories from some of the 5,500 couples Jason has helped with fertility issues over the past 15 years are included in the book. Heart-felt and inspiring, these stories give hope to all couples trying to conceive, especially those experiencing multiple miscarriages and reproductive health issues.

Jason Jackson is also launching a Making Babies fertility program via mail and email to help couples who want fertility treatment but are unable to visit his Brisbane clinic.

Current fertility statistics and tips for improving fertility naturally including a list of foods to avoid are on the book website

About Jason Jackson:
Jason Jackson N.D. is one of Australia's leading naturopath experts in reproductive health and infertility. He is recognized as an authority in the fields of nutrition and herbal medicine and has helped 5,500 couples overcome fertility issues. For over 16 years, Jason has studied and practiced Naturopathic Medicine and worked in research and development of natural medicine manufacturing. He is a graduate of the Australian College of Natural Medicine with further studies at the Queensland Institute of Natural Sciences, and he holds Diplomas of Applied Sciences in Naturopathy, Homeopathy, and Herbal Medicine.

The Making Babies book is available for order at bookstores everywhere or online at or For more information visit


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