Penetron: Crystalline Concrete Waterproofing Technology Can Extend the Life of Roads and Bridges

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At a recent Rose Garden press conference, President Obama underlined the need to use waterproof concrete technology - an innovation that can extend the life of concrete roads, bridges and buildings by 20 to 30 years, beneficial to shovel-ready projects such as those in his economic stimulus plan.

In his recent Clean Energy press conference, President Obama held praise for new innovations such as "new concrete materials that last longer and are waterproofed from the inside out, and that can mean that bridges and roads and buildings can last 20 or 30 years longer than using conventional concrete." (See White House press release at

Sound farfetched? "Not in the least" says Mr. Robert Revera, CEO of ICS Penetron International, "our products have been used on countless projects in over 60 countries around the globe since we began offering our unique crystalline waterproofing technology in the 1970s. However, as relevant as this technology is under normal circumstances, it seems even more so today as we invest in our infrastructure through the Stimulus Programs and look for ways to maximize the return on tax payers' money."

Penetron's crystalline concrete waterproofing achieves this in several ways. Concrete is essentially a hard sponge, absorbing water and all the impurities and aggressive chemicals that enter with it. These chemicals attack the reinforcing steel and eventually destroy the concrete from within. Penetron, whether added as an admixture to fresh concrete or applied topically to existing concrete, grows an insoluble crystalline structure inside the natural pores of the concrete preventing water from entering in the first place.

"What's even more exciting about Penetron," says Mr. Revera, "is that in the presence of moisture it will continue to grow these crystals even in hairline cracks and allow the concrete to heal itself."

"Once the concrete has been made waterproofed," adds Mr. Christopher Chen, North American Sales & Marketing Director, "a host of additional problems generally brought on by water is now eliminated. Penetron takes care of problems such as freeze-thaw and scaling damages seen in colder climates and corrosion from deicing salts or seawater."

"The President has certainly done his homework in identifying concrete waterproofing technology as a Green, innovative way of extending the life of concrete structures," adds Mr. Chen. "Architects and engineers love it because it meets their most demanding design constraints while satisfying Green Technology and Clean Energy requirements. Contractors love it because it saves time on the schedule and their time is money. Owners and developers love it because it saves them money, lowers maintenance costs and adds life to their buildings."

"While our customers, engineers, contractors, owners and indeed, our projects stand as testimony to our company and products," continues Mr. Chen," we hope the President's endorsement of waterproofed concrete technology will strike a chord with those industry professionals who have yet to experience the benefits of Penetron."

ICS Penetron International, Ltd. is an innovator and leading manufacturer of integral crystalline waterproofing and repair products for concrete with a manufacturing and service network that spans more than 60 countries. For more information on Penetron products, please visit our website at or contact Ann Martucci at 631-941-9700.


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