CogniDox Integrates New Open Source Flax Search Service with Enterprise Document Management Software for Powerful Enterprise Search Capability

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Two exciting and innovative Cambridge companies have combined talents to integrate a powerful Enterprise Search engine with a feature-rich Enterprise Document Management System; both based on Open Source technology.

Flax ( and CogniDox ( are both concerned with the problem of information overload for the modern knowledge worker -- it's said that each of us now faces around 1.6GB of data each working day in the form of emails, blogs, documents, spreadsheets, calls, webcasts and other digital interactions.

The Flax team address this problem through information retrieval search technology. It offers a fully commercialised product offering based on the high-performance Xapian search engine. It can index an entire information repository of several hundred million documents and enable a user to find a specific piece of information in seconds. Unlike an Internet search using Google or Bing, it is highly specific in the search results presented.

CogniDox approaches the problem by encouraging high-tech companies to bring a more disciplined approach to the control of their knowledge-based IPR. Documents are stored in a common repository; version and approval status with fine-grained security / user access is paramount; and reviews, approvals and external publication are automated workflows.

Therefore, CogniDox brings structure to unstructured content, and Flax makes information retrieval fast, consistent and accurate.

Paul Walsh, of Cognidox, said: "Powerful search is a key component of our systems. Our existing search component needed improvement; so we considered various open source technologies then chose the Flax system for its performance and ease of integration. The utility of search engine technologies is best seen when harnessed in the right enterprise web applications. With open source enterprise search, a solution that would otherwise cost hundreds of thousands of pounds using proprietary technology can be had for a tenth of the cost"

Flax will allow CogniDox users to search documents by keyword, phrase or wildcard, with results ranked by relevance using Bayesian statistics. Document similarity suggestion is one of a raft of features available. Flax also scales to potentially hundreds of millions of documents, an important consideration when even small or medium-sized enterprises now need to manage huge numbers of documents.

Charlie Hull of the Flax team said: "Cognidox provide high-performance document management systems at a fraction of the cost of their competitors by taking advantage of open source technologies such as Flax. We're pleased they chose Flax and will be working with them to achieve the very best solution for their clients. Compared to a proprietary, closed-source solution, Flax offers huge benefits in terms of features, flexibility and stability."

About Flax:
The Flax team is highly active in the information retrieval market with international clients from sectors including academia, public relations, e-commerce, government and private businesses. As a cross-section clients include/have included Accenture, the Newspaper Licensing Authority (NLA), The University of Cambridge and Mydeco. The Flax™ software delivers a cutting-edge enterprise search solution, using the power of open source software to drive down costs and provide world beating search performance with no software licence fees.

About CogniDox:
CogniDox is web-based, document management software that lets high-tech Companies take control of design collaboration and the transfer of knowledge to customers and partners.

We differentiate through highly-integrated support for engineering product development workflows and lifecycle. Plug-ins are available for software development tools, EDA tools, CRM systems and customer support applications. We provide an "instant Extranet" solution that enables companies to include a secure customer portal into their public web sites.

Built upon open source technology, it delivers enterprise software functionality within the budget of start-ups and small companies yet scales to many thousands of users.

CogniDox is primarily used by companies in the high-tech Electronics industry. Example customers can be seen at CogniDox Customers

We are a privately-held company founded in 2008 and based in Cambridge, UK
Email: salesinfo(at)


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