Senior Sez: Unique Games for Senior Citizens

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It's true that the best creations are those that satisfy a need. When senior citizens at a local assisted-living facility made their needs known, the seeds of Senior Sez took root. Senior Sez Games now offers a full line of fun, play-anywhere products geared to older adults.

The story began at a local assisted-living facility. Although the residents loved to play games, they did not like moving from their comfortable living-room lounge to an activity room.

So, with help from these seniors, the Senior Sez Trivia game was born. Its wide range of subjects keeps them amused and entertained, minimizing boredom and promoting fairness. Topics include inventions, television, radio, food, sports, historic events, and much more. And there are just TWO possible answers to each question. This provides simplicity and a non-intimidating atmosphere, with a 50% chance of success every time.

Senior Sez games can be played virtually anywhere because the scoring is done with wristbands. No pens, paper, or tables are needed. The games are often enjoyed on bus trips. And they can be played in groups or one-on-one. A "team" can be just one individual or many. Some people prefer playing solo; others like interacting in a group. What's great is that the seniors decide how they'd like to play.

Another hallmark of Senior Sez games is their ability to be adapted to the players' needs. People of various levels of functioning can participate, including those with Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia.

Requests for more trivia questions led to the creation of two supplements to the Trivia game, plus two new games that offer the same simplicity, amusement, flexibility, and mind stimulation. Each supplement contains 250 new questions and answers, complementing the 350 questions in the original game.

"Take On the Topic!" and "What's that Saying?" are the newest games. Like the original game, their simplicity and flexibility make them perfect for senior citizens.

Take On the Topic! is a categories-style game where players take turns naming things that belong in a particular category until they've exhausted the possibilities. Each game concludes with players sharing thoughts on a "Just for Fun" topic.

What's That Saying? challenges players to recall popular sayings from just a few clue words. At the end of each game, everyone creates their own saying with the words provided.

Below is a sampling from each game:

Trivia Game

·On which eye did Charlie McCarthey wear his monocle? - Left or Right
·Which Supermarket came first - the A&P or the Piggly Wiggly?
·What card game did Eisenhower love to play while planning D-day - Bridge or Poker?

Take On the Topic! Game

·Songs containing the word "Love"
·Famous TV dads
·Services that are free for senior citizens
·Just-for-fun topic: Things you wish your grandchildren wouldn't do

What's That Saying? Game

Guess the saying from these clues:
·wise - man - rise
·takes - tango
·vinegar - flies

Create your own saying with:
·dentures - martini
·prune - tickle    

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