G & G Holistic Drug Rehab President John Giordano - Why Are Baby Boomers Lighting-Up... Again?

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Today, the once spiritual generation of the sixties are reverting back to their old, sordid ways. Popular author & addiction counselor John Giordano says: "Baby boomers are doing more than just going back to their roots - they're smoking 'em."

The same people that brought you flower power and tie-died shirts are lighting-up across America. They traded-in their VW Buses for mini-vans; they raised families and put their kids through college. Today, the once spiritual generation of the sixties are turning gray and stressing over their own needs. To cope with the huge anxiety caused by the weak economy, unemployment, decimated IRAs and 401Ks and the increasing prospect of working well past their planned retirement, baby-boomers are reverting back to their old, sordid ways. According to popular author and addiction counselor John Giordano: "Baby boomers are doing more than just going back to their roots - they're smoking 'em."

The recently published National Survey on Drug Use and Health clearly shows an increase of use of illicit drugs -- mostly marijuana -- among baby boomers 50-59 by 63 percent. Steve Hager, editor of the marijuana advocacy magazine High Times, claims baby-boomers choose marijuana over sleeping pills or anti-depressants. "Stress is the number one reason why people get back to drinking and drugging and smoking," says Dr. Petros Levounis of the Addiction Institute of New York at Roosevelt Hospital.

These national statistics parallel closely with the findings from G & G Holistic Addiction Treatment Center - a 62 bed in-patient/out-patient JACHO accredited addiction treatment facility - located in North Miami Beach, Florida. The center's co-founder and President, John Giordano, claims they have experienced a huge influx of older adults from each side of the unstable economy equation - high level executives who've lost their jobs or businesses and the working person whose life savings went into a downward spiral. He says: "people are trying to escape from the harsh realities of today's dismal economic climate; they're searching for relief any where they can find it."

Jerry Goldfarb - co-founder of G & G Holistic Addiction Treatment Center - says stress, anxiety and depression provide the catalysis behind the revival of old habits and untreated addictions from the sixties that are causing emotional break-downs in older adults today. Without a healthy outlet and nowhere to turn, boomers are self-medicating by excessively smoking cigarettes, marijuana - and drinking much more than they have in the recent past. They're also popping prescription drugs like they're candy.

The deadly consequences are two fold. More older adults are dying due to an addiction related illnesses. Additionally, easy access to prostitution via the internet while one is under the influence of alcohol or drugs has caused the rate of HIV infection in same demographic to grow exponentially.

"There are many solutions for people caught in the addiction trap, but they have to act on them" says Mr. Giordano. He recommends getting started by calling a help line. There's a multitude of help lines available online or they can contact G & G Holistic Drug Rehab at 1-800-559-9503.

John Giordano is available for interviews. He is an A-List guest and a regular on Miami TV and radio stations. He has been a guest on countless national radio and TV shows including: CBS Evening News With Katie Couric, FOX Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, A&E "Interventions," Geraldo and CNN Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.

About John Giordano:

John Giordano is the president and co-founder of the prestigious G & G Holistic Addiction Treatment Center he started over twenty years ago. He is the proud recipient of a Doctor Of Human Letters from Sinai University in Jerusalem. Giordano is a recovering addict with twenty-four years of sobriety to his credit. Mr. John Giordano is a therapist, Certified Addiction Professional (CAP), a Master Addictions Counselor (MAC), and a Certified Criminal Justice Specialist (CCJS). Mr. Giordano also earned a Masters Certification in Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP), and is a Certified Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Specialist. He is a professional expert witness for the state and federal government. John is a Karate Grand Master 10th degree black belt and is in the Karate Hall Of Fame.

Among his many other civic contributions, John Giordano recently accepted the position of Chaplain of the North Miami Police Department.

Mr. John Giordano's acclaimed new book: "Proven Holistic Treatment For Addiction & Chronic Relapse," (Tate Publishing 2007 ISBN: 1-5988637-5-4) is being utilized by several state hospitals and a number of treatment centers across the country.

G & G Holistic Addiction Treatment Center, the facility Mr. Giordano co-founded over twenty-years ago, is a 62 bed in-patient/out-patient JCAHO accredited addiction treatment center.

G & G Holistic Drug Rehab Web site: http://www.holisticdrugrehab.com

G & G Holistic Addiction Treatment Center Phone Number: 1-800-559-9503

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