Beat Bedroom Blues - 3 Tips to Turn the Bedroom into an Organized Retreat

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Certified Professional Organizer® Scott Roewer, President of Solutions by Scott in Washington, D.C., provides three easy, cost-effective tips to help get the bedroom organized.

A cluttered home adds to the stress of daily life, and most often when we tackle organizing our home, we focus on the public rooms, such as the kitchen and family room, because we fear the dreaded unannounced guest. We often neglect the bedrooms. It's easy to close the bedroom door, but at the end of the day, we are restless in our cluttered bedrooms.

Do you find that when you enter the bedroom you are faced with a mound of clothes, a mess on the nightstand, and a pile of shoes on the floor? And once you finally force yourself out of bed, are you rushed in the mornings searching through piles for something clean and wrinkle-free to wear?

Certified Professional Organizer®, Scott Roewer, President of Solutions by Scott in Washington, D.C., provides three easy, cost-effective tips to help get the bedroom organized.

1) Get clothes off the floor. If you find yourself throwing clothes on the floor or using the treadmill as your closet, then add a bedroom valet or garment holder to your room. The accessories provide an easy way to preserve and organize your clothes until you are ready to put them away. The racks in The Art of Storage collection are affordable and stylish. These storage pieces features six loops at varying heights to allow for versatile garment draping options and the valet also includes a non-slip pants holder and coin tray.    

2) De-clutter every surface. Overcrowding the surfaces of your dressers and nightstands with knick-knacks presents a cluttered look and makes it more difficult to dust. Select the top two or three non-essential items that are special to you. The others can go into storage, be displayed in another room or maybe be rotated every few months. Remember that less is more.

3) Use under-the-bed space. Store out-of-season clothes and other items in containers made of plastic, canvas, or wood. Plastic containers are ideal if you have the ability to stack them. If you store linens in wood boxes, opt for cedar, which helps deter moths. Line the containers with plain unbleached muslin to counter the wood's acidity and protect your linens. Use canvas bags that zip shut for delicate items such as cashmere sweaters, which need circulating air. Make sure all clothing and blankets are cleaned before storing.

"A peaceful, clutter-free bedroom is ideal for a restful night's sleep and piles of clothes don't create the relaxing oasis you desire," Roewer said. "My basic rule of thumb for clothing is if it is clean enough to wear again, it's clean enough to hang up. Using the Art of Storage valet is a perfect way to store the clothes you'll wear again soon and the coin tray is a convenient place to empty your pockets at the end of the day."

Beating the bedroom blues is possible - and once you tackle this task, you'll feel the results immediately. Everyone deserves a calm and peaceful place to relax and re-energize.


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