Get Satisfaction 2.0 Release Connects the Dots from Social to CRM

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"Social CRM Home Base" Allows Companies to Seamlessly Connect Customer Community to CRM Systems

This release is based on learning and feedback from our community members and the companies they engage with, resulting in a set of tools and features that allow Get Satisfaction communities to play a central role versus an ancillary role in Social CRM.

Get Satisfaction, the Web 2.0 platform that's transforming customer support with community and crowd-sourcing, released a significant new update today. Get Satisfaction 2.0 leapfrogs the platform directly to Social CRM--knocking down barriers between the public user community and internal CRM support systems. As Social CRM's home base, Get Satisfaction 2.0 (GS 2.0) gives customers seamless access to any and all company support sources.

"CRM started from sales and marketing, but Social CRM is emerging from service and support where social media already has a strong foothold and track record of success," said Wendy Lea, CEO of Get Satisfaction.

"Our Get Satisfaction 2.0 release helps customers solve their problems quickly by moving seamlessly from the crowd-sourced support community to internal company systems such as Zendesk's help-desk system or And, they can just as easily flow back again to the public community and monitor the progress of their request or issue."

Get Satisfaction's Web 2.0 customer service and support platform launched in 2007 and has grown exponentially. More than 20,000 company communities have been created on Get Satisfaction, and upwards of 13,000 organizations are actively engaging with the 1.57 million community members. Organizations can engage in a whole new level of relationship with their customers, increasing loyalty, retention, collaboration, and customer-driven innovation while reducing repetitive support costs.

"Get Satisfaction 2.0 is such a huge leap, we had to slap a number on it," said Thor Muller, a founder and CTO of Get Satisfaction. "This release is based on learning and feedback from our community members and the companies they engage with, resulting in a set of tools and features that allow Get Satisfaction communities to play a central role versus an ancillary role in Social CRM."

Get Satisfaction is about harnessing the social Web to improve online customer support, and with this release they are raising the bar in just about every way. Some of the improvements for organizations using Get Satisfaction 2.0 include:

A Social CRM Home Base that Unifies All the Company's Support Channels

The standout feature for GS 2.0 is this unified hub that aids a company's customers--or any organization's community--in reaching the right people. Organizations can incorporate the community into their support strategy, and their community members can easily link to distributed conversations on Twitter and Facebook, official channels like email and phone, or even Get Satisfaction partners like Zendesk, the popular help-desk software. Get Satisfaction ties it all together for people seeking support.

A critical feature that tightens integration to CRM systems is FastPass, a single sign-on feature that allows companies to manage all customers with one set of ID credentials. You can log people on at your site, and if they move to a Get Satisfaction community, you can not only pass information along with the user (browser type, purchase level, demographics, etc.), you can pull info about that user and their activity on the community into internal systems like CRM or ERP.

Prompts Help Organizations to Quickly Reach Resolution

Get Satisfaction has always focused on results, helping companies answer their customers' questions cost effectively, solve thorny problems by leveraging the crowd, and collaborate with customers on new features or products. GS 2.0 helps organizations ensure customer results with these new features:

  •     Topics that need attention are highlighted with prominent prompts such as "Needs Answer" or "Needs Solution."
  •     Corresponding answers and answerers are highlighted.
  •     Members can "star" any topic to vote it up in priority and subscribe to updates.
  •     Pervasive status indicators show the resolution/progress status of each topic no matter where the topic appears.

Widget Toolkit Distributes Community Everywhere

Get Satisfaction is famous for easy-to-install widgets that let organizations effortlessly deploy the community anywhere within products and Web sites. Four kinds of widgets make plugging community content into your site as easy as cut-and-paste.

  •     Feedback Tab Widget: a floating one-button widget that pops open a window for customers to provide opinions and ideas.
  •     Embedded Feedback Widget: Feedback links can be embedded within the flow of the page, in help text or components such as an "ask a question" box.
  •     Search Widget: Customers can search for answers in-line, within product or Web site pages.
  •     Top Topics Widget: This widget makes the top, most popular questions available anywhere.

Get Satisfaction 2.0 offers a customizable, configurable Widget Toolkit for premium accounts that allows organizations to configure and customize widgets: make them specific to products or categories, customize look and feel, enable FastPass, filter content, auto-tag new topics, and more.

"Auto Curation" Gets Customers What They Need with Minimal Effort

Another new feature, Content Auto-Curation, leverages the natural activity of the community to organize and display useful sets of topics--things like frequently asked questions, common unsolved problems, and most popular ideas. Community members get a fast track to the information they need, and the organization's overtaxed support staff is free to focus on solving the issues that don't have easy answers.

Community Reputation Helps Companies Identify and Reward "Champions"

GS 2.0 introduces more tools to help customers connect with each other for answers and solutions. Through positive participation, every member can now earn a reputation based on multi-dimensional measurements of their community behavior, engagement and knowledge. Reputation helps identify and reward the active and expert customers--the "Champions"--that make community support so valuable.

Other features and improvements in Get Satisfaction 2.0 include:

  •     Super Simple Interface: GS 2.0 refreshes the user interface to present content in simple, easy-to-digest ways. It's never been easier to search, browse or interact, encouraging more customer-to-customer participation.

Community Stats Dashboard: At-a-glance view of weekly/monthly/annual community activity and sentiment.

  •     Organization Participation Level: GS 2.0 lets an organization display its participation level and send a welcome message to community members, setting clear expectations regarding the organization's role in the community.

About Get Satisfaction

Get Satisfaction is revolutionizing customer service by applying the principles of crowd-sourcing and community to the customer-service experience. Companies who use the Get Satisfaction social CRM platform significantly reduce support costs while increasing customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty. How? By providing an authentic, engaged, and thriving customer support community. Join the conversation at


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