"Car Personalities - What Does Your Motor Really Say About You," Asks Mr Clutch

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If car owners think their vehicle is just a piece of machinery to get them from A - B, they're wrong. Psychologists have long understood that car choice and use is an indicator of personality traits, with several studies making interesting and revealing reading. But do psychologists really know what makes UK car drivers tick? Leading autocentre, Mr Clutch, put this theory to the test, carrying out a survey of current clients to find out exactly what car choice reveals.

It has been noted in the past that there is a difference between the type of car people drive and how this corresponds with their voting habits

UK based autocentre, Mr Clutch has devised a clever questionnaire to get an inside track on the personality traits of different driving groups. "What does your car say about you" takes a fresh look at how drivers make key life choices - from how environmentally motivated certain drivers are to how your colour choice shows how driven you are. The survey even gives a (tongue in cheek) indication of the voting preferences of car drivers.

"It's all very well psychologists telling us what car choice means, but here at Mr Clutch we get to see how drivers really think every day of the week. Obviously our mechanics make their own assumptions - this survey was designed to see if our thoughts matched those of our customers," said Joseph Yusuff, managing director of Mr Clutch.

"Of course, this is a bit of fun, but the underlying revelations are quite serious. Understanding what motivates customers to make purchasing decisions is important to any business and Mr Clutch is no different," he said.

The Mr Clutch questionnaire was distributed to equal numbers of men and women between the ages of 22 - 55. The results show that the most popular car choice is a Peugeot, with respondents owning a variety of models including a 106, 206, 307 and 407. Peugeot obviously has a strong female following as all drivers of the brand were women. The second most popular make was a Ford, with the Fiesta and new shape Focus being favourite model choices.

Black was the most popular colour for car choice, with red and blue coming in at second and third. According to a recent survey in WhatCar? Magazine, choosing a black car means drivers would like to "stamp their authority on other road users."

Drivers of black cars proved to be most environmentally friendly with 60% agreeing they do their part for the environment. However, it's important to note that the majority of black car drivers were women, so maybe it's a girl thing!

The Mr Clutch survey highlighted that owners of blue cars were less environmentally motivated - and were likely to purchase their vehicle based on cost and then looks - which is great news for beleaguered car sales executives.

One surprise result was that only 20% of participants had the same colour car as their favourite colour. The favourite colour came up as yellow - so maybe it's just not cool to be seen driving a bright yellow car!

A mid-sized engine was the most popular although results varied from a tiny, but efficient 1.1, to a whopping 3 litre!

A yearly service was the most popular option in terms of car maintenance with every two years coming a close second. 10% said they have never had their car serviced in the length of time they have owned it, just having repairs made as necessary: "Servicing your car is an essential part of maintenance," said Joseph. "An annual service is the best thing you can do to keep your engine well maintained and to improve the overall safety of your vehicle."

Mr Clutch's survey shows that the all important deciding factor for buying a car is cost! No surprise in these credit busting times - and everybody that took part in the survey thought it was more important to get to where they were going as soon as possible as opposed to taking the scenic route. Only two percent of respondents said they would prefer to take the scenic route.

You'd expect there to be a difference between a Corsa driver and a driver of an executive saloon, but Gordon Brown will not be pleased to know that nobody voted for the Labour Party in the upcoming elections and the majority of people voted for the Conservative Party. "It has been noted in the past that there is a difference between the type of car people drive and how this corresponds with their voting habits," said Joseph. "But in this economy, I don't think we can really measure anything from this," he concluded.

"The questionnaire aimed to get an inside track into what drivers look for in a car and their driving habits," said Joseph. "Whatever make or model car you have, it is important it keep it working as best it can with regular servicing and a yearly MOT," he concluded.

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