The Moon Seen In Full Color in the film Moon Rising

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The moon is not a dry desolate piece of rock orbiting earth as we have been led to believe for the past forty years, says Jose Escamilla. Instead, the moon appears to be a small planet full of color, water, clouds and perhaps civilizations existing there. The new documentary "Moon Rising" presents the moon in its "full natural color" for the first time in human history.

We now know this ship was there. We feel we deserve to see it in its true form

Jose Escamilla's film, "Moon Rising", presents the moon for the first time in human history in its "Full Natural Color!" This incredible feature film documentary is being presented on YouTube worldwide during the month of July in celebration of the 40 Year Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Missions.

Jose Escamilla's films are infamous for being thought provoking. He brings forth important facts that the public would otherwise not have known about. This film is part two of his trilogy of the the branded title: UFO-The Greatest Story Ever Denied.

In the opening five minutes of "Moon Rising" Jose shows a picture retrieved from the internet, in what appears to be a large craft, measured to be ten times the size of Los Angeles. Looking at this enormous object on the moon's surface photographed in 1994, it is suddenly realized this object is as huge as a mother ship from the film "Independence Day."

However, Jose Escamilla feels this object's features have been deliberately "smudged" to hide its details.

A forensics imaging expert, Jim Hoerricks who has worked on cases with the LAPD, could not prove the object was really there but the smudged object would have been ten times the size of Los Angeles.

Further enhancements made by the production with filters using Adobe Photoshop revealed more of the object as the layers were removed one by one. Although, the New Clementine browser has removed this object and there is no smudging surrounding the crater where the object originally appeared in 1994.

Letters are being sent by TBLN Films to NASA and The Clementine Mission archives asking for them to release this photograph for inclusion in Jose Escamilla's new film currently in production entitled; "LUNA."

Whether or not they release the photograph with or without the smudge, or respond to the request, has yet to be seen.

"We now know this ship was there. We feel we deserve to see it in its true form," says Jose Escamilla.

This is only one of the many incredible, but factual photos in "Moon Rising."

The most astounding part of this film, is the "full natural color" photographs of what the moon really looks like! From earth, the moon is seen as a grey, blue, sometimes orange sphere in the sky, both at night and in broad daylight. Many viewers who have seen "Moon Rising" are in disbelief at how incredibly beautiful the "full color" moon really is.

The earth's atmosphere interferes with how the moon is interpreted. Dust, cosmic rays, infra-red, ultraviolet rays and other atmospheric effects cause the moon to appear as a grey sphere. In the vacuum of space however, this becomes a totally different celestial body. The Clementine Mission took an astounding 1.8 million photographs of the Moon in 1994.

On the USGS web site, the various samplings of the mission were released, including the "Full Natural Color" photographs. Jose Escamilla has downloaded close to 1500 full resolution photos. Shortly after doing so, Jose found out that John Lear, well known for the Lear Jet, discovered this in 2006. Consequently, he has dedicated the film to him.

The film is a journey filled with mystery and secrecy.

On the internet "Moon Rising" can be viewed on YouTube until August 1, 2009 at which time it will be removed. Be sure and subscribe to Jose Escamilla's YouTube Channel and leave a comment about the film.

"Moon Rising" provides a better understanding of what is happening to our Moon and our Planet Earth.

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