Recipe For Success: B2B Soft's PerformancePoint Analytic Report Builder and Dashboard

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Designer B.I. Tools Give Wireless Standard Clients Customizable Sales and Performance Stats

B2B Soft, a business-to-business software solutions company specializing in retail management platforms for the wireless/cellular retail industry, announced that the integration of Microsoft's PerformancePoint Server into its retail management platform, Wireless Standard, was completed and launched on June 1, 2009. B2B Soft is providing its clients with the most comprehensive set of business intelligence tools so that their businesses can continue to excel in what's become an increasingly more competitive and sophisticated marketplace in uncertain economic times. A Customizable Analytical Report Builder for ad hoc drag and drop data creation, and a Dashboard Designer/Builder for the subsequent visualization of that data are two new features available in B2B Soft's PerformancePoint. These tools are designed for the speedy creation, compilation, display, and assessment of sales and performance data, and will function within and across all organizational levels.

Some of the challenges faced by wireless retailers are how to create specific and custom reports and how to deliver them to different segments of their organization. The data requirements of any organization differ, both across the company as well as between and within different departments. Each department has unique needs, as do the various individual personnel within them. Employees and sales agents need information on where their particular store stands in terms of sales, what their own sales figures are for the day, week, month or year, what their individual sales goals currently are, and how well they're meeting those goals. Managers want to know how well their store is performing, how well their employees are performing, as well as how well their geographical district might be performing. Executives, who are looking at the big picture, have to be able to see the entire company's performance from the top level down--how each of their stores are running, how their managers are doing, and how well their employees are selling.

Within each strata of the wireless retail organization, getting, interpreting, and quickly acting upon appropriate data like sales figures, plan offerings, hardware offerings, inventory, add-on features, as well as performance figures that are district, departmental, and personnel specific and dependent, can often mean the difference between underperformance and success. Having a handle on the latest, critical information is crucial for retailers. With it, they can quickly and easily address the appropriate needs of their wireless customers, ensuring satisfaction and propelling sales. The ability to create and distribute timely data fast and efficiently can keep their organization operating optimally because everyone knows what's going on, what's required of them, and how they're performing individually and as a whole.

At the executive level, one of the challenges is accessing the very latest sales data to ensure that the workforce is optimized. The ability to instantly monitor staff levels across all of a company's stores, making sure that there are sufficient salespeople available at the busiest times and at the appropriate locations, as well as the ability to track peak sales locations and times, enables managers to properly assess and effectively administer staffing resources.

Managers and executives also need to very quickly determine which products are moving at what locations, and ascertain the status of each store's inventory--what's in stock and what's needed. It's imperative for them to know how well certain add-on features are doing; whether they are moving with the hardware products at a free or reduced rate, or being added later at a premium to the customer. Managers also require sales figures for average accessory attachments for a given product--how many are being sold, and what specific sales and profits they are generating. They need to be able to very quickly create and interpret monthly sales figures for each store and/or district to see which ones are over performing and which might be underperforming.

The multitude of information that needs to be gathered, scrutinized, and acted upon is staggering. B2B Soft's PerformancePoint in Wireless Standard offers a simple answer to the problem with a Customizable Analytical Report Builder. With it, analytical reports specifically tailored to individual departments as well as to the unique personnel within them can be created. Retailers can take their company database and create a 3D data warehouse. With access to company data displayed as a 3D object, they can easily drag and drop pertinent information such as company goals, employee data, product lines, rate plans etc. It's simple to create and save data such as average profits, most profitable store, most profitable product, most productive employee, etc. That data can be filtered by group, by store, by product, by employee, by week, and so forth so that company executives and managers can see how much profit is being generated, and more specifically, how, where, and by whom. The compiled information can be easily sorted and ranked, simply and intuitively.

Any number of specific reports can be created, and with B2B Soft's PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer, multiple reports can be put into one container for fast viewing and easy use. With the dashboard, reports generated for sales, inventory, performance, and other metrics can be seen on one screen, based upon, and specifically tailored, to each and every individual user's needs. The dashboard can be filtered for customized viewing or for data restriction. The Dashboard Designer can create dashboards that contain any variety of report types, including analytic charts for easy viewing and exploration.

"Wireless Standard users can now take full advantage of the latest business intelligence features of B2B Soft's PerformancePoint, to help their businesses run more efficiently and successfully," says Steve Orlov, B2B Soft's Executive Vice President of Sales.

With the Analytical Report Builder, the information and reports they specifically require--whether its across the organization, within different departments, or on an individual basis, can be built simply and speedily. With access to PerformancePoint's powerful dashboard feature, they can easily view multiple reports on the same screen, facilitating the fast interpretation of data. A myriad of information can be stacked, sorted and filtered, compared and contrasted, analyzed and worked with, both separately and together.

"Like everything else in the 21st century, running a business in the wireless retail industry is getting ever more complex and competitive," says Mr. Orlov. "We're striving to give our clients the best business tools so they can navigate the marketplace and make the right decisions fast. Decisions based on very specific data that they need right now, and which they can very quickly assess. The Dashboard Designer and the Analytic Report Builder are two tools that will help them improve sales and productivity for continued success."

The PerformancePoint integration has a lot to offer B2B Soft clientele and we'll continue to provide Wireless Standard users with a more in-depth look at its advantages. Next, we'll discuss in greater detail how using the PerfomancePoint features of KPI's and Scorecards from within Wireless Standard will be beneficial to wireless retailers.

About B2B Soft
B2B Soft is an innovative software solutions company providing clients in a wide range of industries with business management, business automation, point-of-sale solutions, and the consulting services they need to help them succeed in business. More information about the company can be found at

About Wireless Standard
B2B Soft's base product, Wireless Standard, is built on a commercially secure and stable client-server model and created on the most advanced and reliable platform available--Microsoft's .NETâ„¢ enterprise-level technology. Wireless Standard was designed to address the needs of the world's largest enterprises in wireless retail but is scalable so small and mid-size companies can also benefit as well from an enterprise class solution. Wireless Standard capabilities include Inventory Control, POS Transaction Processing, CRM (Marketing & Customer Service), Employee Management, Real-time Web Reporting, and Activation and Commission Reconciliation, to name a few. Today, over 3,000 wireless retailers deploy Wireless Standard at the point-of-sale for better business management and customer relations.

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