EnContext Advertising Reveals Interactive Multimedia Advertising

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EnContext AdvertisingTM is Set to Revolutionize Broadcast, Internet and Multimedia Television Marketing. EnContext Advertising brings a radically new approach to media advertising that takes us into the new world of "Ads 2.0." Imagine watching your favorite drama or documentary---even a live event---without ever again being interrupted by commercials! Instead, whenever a viewer feels like it, this person can simply point their mouse or pointer and click on any item on the screen, and instantly be transported to the interactive web pages that presents information about that item and allow people to make a purchase if they choose to do that! Advertisers see EnContext as the answer to their prayers because it accomplishes two important things: - It allows viewers to immediately connect with a potential purchase or action while they are most engaged and most inclined to take a decision. - It offers new revenue streams to producers and marketers by opening up a vast new world of product placement opportunities. EnContext technology is being introduced while patent pending, to allow entertainment and communications industry leaders to look it over and judge for themselves how it will revolutionize the marketer/consumer relationship. Soon, anyone who advertises their products in the old-fashioned ways of "Ads 1.0" will feel the scorn of savvy consumers who only want the latest and best for themselves and their families.

When a consumer comes to the advertiser following the experiential connection that a product placement creates; they are more interested and apt to make a purchase on the spot.

An entirely new form of advertising is being brought to television, computer and even cellular phone screens. EnContext Advertising has created what it terms "Ads 2.0." With this new advertising medium, consumers are treated to "commercial free" viewing of their favorite television drama, documentary or live event.

Instead of commercial breaks interrupting the action, product placements are made (just as they currently are) and the consumer has the ability to use a mouse or pointer to point at & click on an item on the screen and bookmark the item, or be automatically linked to various interactive web pages that will provide detailed information about the item and allow the consumer to purchase the item without missing a beat. After they've checked out the item that interests them from their "regularly scheduled program," they are returned to the exact point in the show, movie or event that they left off at. With the bookmarking feature of the program, the consumer also has the option to just highlight items that they see during their regular viewing, and visit the sites at a later time.

"Advertisers have begun to view EnContext as a way to allow viewers to make an immediate connection to a product while they have an emotional and visual tie to the product by choice rather than by the usual bombardment of messages that follow each other during a normal commercial break" says one of the company's founders. "When a consumer comes to the advertiser following the experiential connection that a product placement creates; they are more interested and apt to make a purchase on the spot."

EnContext is currently allowing entertainment, marketing and communications execs to preview this ground breaking patent pending technology, and expects a full scale roll-out in the near future.

EnContext merges both video and internet technology. The objects in the video frame (a scene) are identified in time and space and tracked. Any click from the viewer on an object "tagged" by EnContext is recognized by the EnContext encoding technology. Business rules are kept "on file" for that object, and a selection of actions from a set of alternatives results in the viewer experiencing a superposed label or caption on the video scene, or a redirect to an advertiser's web page, or to a page containing the "best" retailers' icons, or to an informational wiki.

For further information contact Jean Maurice Touboul at +1 561-306-8300 or by visiting our website http://www.encontextadvertising.com


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