New Author Offers Holistic Approach to Healing the Emotional & Economic Hardship Americans Face

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In times of hardship new author shows how spirituality and good intentions can turn things around.

Its time for sowing seeds of change.

Just when we thought that we would continue to play the "blame game" for the economic hardship and the emotional stress that it brings, new author Tanya Copprue states "Its time for sowing seeds of change." The author comes with a fresh innovative book that explores a new vision of prosperity and health by integrating mind, body, and spirit practices into all aspects of life --Under The Mango Tree: A Spiritual Way of Living Merry (978-1441509215, Trade paperback, 312 pp, 8.8 x 5.9 x 0.9, $15.99).

Copprue is not a stranger to hardship. She lost her only brother in 2000, and was out of work herself for almost two years, not long ago. The author claims it was the holistic methods she wrote about in her book that she credits with her own healing and comeback from the recession blues. The author states "people are really hurting, not just financially, but emotionally, and spiritually -you cannot just place a band-aid on this stuff. The economic crisis and world chaos we face today is a direct result of humanity planting the wrong seeds, and sadly we are reaping the bad fruits of those choices."

Through a blend a spiritual consciousness and compassion, Tanya Copprue lends her wisdom of how our perception of prosperity has led to the financial and emotional hardship that millions of Americans are facing today. According to Ms. Copprue "Poverty begins in the mind and when we plant seeds from impoverished thinking, greed, or lack - we end up manifesting the opposite of what we want."

The book explains how our intentions are the seeds that determine whether we are prosperous or not. The author suggests "we can no longer live in a world where we believe that it's every person for him or herself. We must realize that what affects one of us is eventually going to affect the rest of us."

Copprue is definitely on to something. A study published in the British Journal of Psychology examined 35 studies that looked at whether the intention of one person can interact with and influence the physiology of another person. They found a statistically significant positive correlation across the studies. These studies and others like it seem to have established the proof of principle that there is some kind of non-local or transpersonal exchange of information between people.

What makes this book different from any other is the approach taken from a holistic view-point. The book is a healing work which distinctively shows the correlation between spiritual living and the affects in the material world. In addition, it reveals how to integrate various spiritual laws and principles to achieve healing, wholeness, and balance.

According to the author "there is so much more to this book than just prosperity consciousness, it reflects a need for a new consciousness that includes the integration of mind, body, and spirit principles in order to achieve wholeness, and then prosperity is the final outgrowth."

Tanya Copprue is a Sociology Professor, Spiritual Life Coach, Holistic Healer, and Researcher of Spirituality. She has a Masters Degree in Social Work from Yeshiva University. She is the owner of Prosperous Soul Spiritual Wellness Services. Under the Mango Tree: A Spiritual Way of Living Merry is her first book.

For more information about Spirituality and Prosperity, or to schedule an interview, please contact Tanya Copprue at Prosperous Soul Spiritual Wellness Services (917) 677-6652 or visit

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