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Share Article is the number one free of charge virtual transfer market and networking platform for footballers on the internet, and is now available in English, French, German, Turkish, Polish and Serbian. The idea behind opening the platform to international users was to enable players from all over the world to post their own videos; this is an inexpensive and effective way of presenting themselves and their skills to potential new clubs, coaches and players' agents.

That is what really convinces coaches and agents… because you can only show your real talent in a video is free of charge
All footballers, from those who simply enjoy a kickabout to those who want to make football their career, can register free on the football platform (, where they can create their own video Sedcards, meet other players or find new clubs.
Get the "ultimate kick" - register today and join the new footballing generation. Be part of the new world of football.

E. g. 450 players from Nigeria want to be brought to light at
Lutz Wolf, Managing Director of the company and the platform's inventor, says: "This gives the lads from eastern Europe, Brazil, Africa and Asia a real chance of being discovered by trainers and managers from anywhere in the world. At the same time, clubs from Europe - but also from places like the USA, Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Australia - can also use this professional scouting platform. is the ideal way to actively look for new players without spending a fortune. Clubs will be able to find new players in no time". only made its official debut in Germany in September 2007, but soon became one of the leading points of contact for talented players and football scouts. To date, more than 4,700 professional players and 1,300 professional coaches and scouts have already registered on the site.

Up-and-coming players can display lists of their previous clubs and playing positions, as well as demonstrating their footballing skills in television format by posting their own videos. Lutz Wolf is certain that "That is what really convinces coaches and agents… because you can only show your real talent in a video", he adds.

German international Fredi Bobic supports

Former Bundesliga player Axel Kruse (who appeared for VfB Stuttgart, Eintracht Frankfurt and Hertha BSC, for example), gives prospective users important tips on how to make and post their videos (
Two other famous names who support coojooxi are professional coach Jürgen Röber and former German international Fredi Bobic ( was not conceived as a transfer medium, but sees itself as a genuine network that offers players the opportunity to forge and maintain contacts among themselves, as well as with potential new clubs. In the world of football, only players who have lots of contacts are able to sign contracts with, and play for, professional clubs.

How does coojooxi work?
Before we tell you how you can succeed with coojooxi, perhaps we ought to explain what is behind the word coojooxi first (

"cujuxi" is Chinese for "the game with a ball". As we live in the Google Age now, the creators of the coojooxi platform thought it would be a good idea to modify the Chinese word slightly so as to avoid confusion - and so the name coojooxi was born.

coojooxi is an Internet platform where footballers can register free and present themselves in a virtual player exchange and contact area.

What are the benefits of coojooxi for me as a player?

I can present myself, look for a new club, contact third parties or just find new like-minded friends.

First of all, I have to register and create my profile. What is particularly important here is to describe my strengths and weaknesses in detail, so as to attract the attention of as many visitors to the platform as possible. I can also define and limit the leagues I would like to play in. The more complete and professional my profile is, the more interesting this will make me for clubs or coaches who view my pages to find out more about me.

A personal photo rounds off the profile perfectly. I can even upload short videos later to demonstrate my footballing skills. On, a video like this is called a "Sedcard".

A Sedcard can help to persuade interested parties that I am just the player they need to invite for a trial. There are a few rules to remember when creating a "Sedcard"-video. It should start with a short portrait, followed by footage of your shooting technique, dribbling, heading and freestyle - which is a chance to show my tricks and special skills with the ball.

It is equally important to build up a network with the help of my contacts. It's best to start with my closest friends, who will be the first names I add to my contact list. Acquaintances and friends of my best mates should come next. After all, nearly everything in this game depends on how good your contacts are.

This is the way to get invitations to trials, make contact with people who - just like me - enjoy philosophising about football, or who can mention my name to contacts at other clubs. On the other hand, coaches working in the leagues that I aspire to could also notice me.

Get the "ultimate kick" - register today and join the new footballing generation. Be part of the new world of football.


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