Big Builder, Palm Harbor Homes, Feature EZ Stairs®' Award Winning Stair Building Technology

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Big builders are improving their bottom lines, without sacrificing quality, using EZ Stairs®' innovative stair building system. EZ Stairs®, a revolutionary advancement in stair building technology, engineering and construction, is now being used by Palm Harbor Homes, the third largest modular production builder in the U.S., in the majority of their new multi-story homes across the nation. See how big builders and do-it-yourselfers are saving over thousands of dollars in stair construction costs, compared to traditional construction.

EZ Stairs®, a revolutionary advancement in stair building technology, engineering and construction, is now being used by Palm Harbor Homes, the third largest builder in the U.S., in the majority of their new multi-story homes across the nation. This patented stair building system and process of stair construction offers multiple benefits for the modular production industry which Palm Harbor Homes recognized, and incorporated into their construction process early in 2008.

Palm Harbor starts assembly of the basic stair structure for their homes in the factory setting. At this stage the EZ Stair brackets are attached to two 2 x 6 stringer members using the EZ Stairs spacers and pivot screws. The spacers,which are set according to riser height and tread width, are then removed and brackets are rotated to simultaneously adjust stair height.

Both stringers are pre-assembled in the factory with treads and risers fastened to the EZ Stairs brackets on each of the two stringers. As a result, Palm Harbor is able to considerably accelerate stair building assembly time, since the brackets are ICC-ES accepted as joist hangers. This allows the risers to act as load bearing joists, spanning across the stair between the two stringers. As a result, only two stringers are needed regardless of the width. The two stringer system is of particular value in the modular/factory- built environment due to substantially lower costs that result from using this efficient, streamlined technique.

Actual installation of the stairs for Palm Harbor Homes can occur either on the assembly line or on site. Depending on the particular home model pre-assembled stairs are set in place for connection to landings and assembled together. EZ Stairs new Tongue & Groove interior system combined with pre-finished risers and treads were used in the Palm Harbor Model Homes in the 2009 International Builders Show Village.

Up to 80% of the finished trim work labor that is traditionally required is completely eliminated with this new innovative T&G application equating to major cost savings, increased productivity and additional profits. This new interior stair system now allows tract, modular, factory- built and custom home builders to construct, and install fully finished classic knee-wall stairs in three hours or less.

Research has shown that builders save an average of 36% per flight of stairs compared to traditional methods of construction. The bottom line is that the entire interior stair building process has been drastically simplified by using the most innovative, accurate and seamless system that has ever been available.

Additional key reasons impacting the ease of EZ Stairs integration into the modular, production and factory built setting include:

  • Short learning curve and easy cross training mean anyone on the crew is able to build stairs.
  • The overall design of the entire system in which the brackets automatically and accurately adjust to the exact rise and run every time, eliminating mistakes and loss of material.
  • EZ Stairs is the only fully engineered wood stair system with only two outside stringers required.
  • The risers are structural, spanning across the stair like floor joists, exceeding IBC load requirements by a ratio of 12 to 1.
  • The stringer also serves as the skirt board giving a classic knee-wall look.
  • The system is fast, accurate and strong, and can be built on the assembly line as Palm Harbor does or on site, allowing flexibility for last minute customer changes in floor finish thickness which is often a problem with pre-built stairs.
  • EZ Stairs can be used for simple basement stairs or fully finished hard wood stairs.

See 3D video demos:

With finished stairs, pre-finished risers and treads may be used, adding an additional layer of savings up to $500 for a full flight which can equate to over $1000+ for a multi-story house and goes directly to the bottom line. Company President, Gordon Walker comments, "Big builders, as well as do-it-yourselfers are finding ways to save and cut down their costs, without compromising quality, using this innovative and clever building solution".

Overall the advantages for changing from traditional construction to EZ Stairs were clear for Palm Harbor Homes who have now made EZ Stairs the preferred stair construction method for all their multi story homes.

EZ Stairs brackets are dual purpose for all interior and exterior applications and are available in stainless steel as the optimal solution for salt water climates. These brackets are also phosphate treated and powder coated for ACQ compatibility and harsh weather environments.

EZ Stairs has been ICC-ES approved for both residential and commercial construction. The full report may be viewed online at

EZ Stairs introduced the new patented adjustable dual-purpose exterior/interior brackets in 2003. In 2004, it won Pro Sales Magazine's Editor's Choice award for new product innovation in the construction industry. In 2005, it introduced its composite deck compatibility solution and was chosen for LBM Journal's 'Hot Products' Award at the 2005 International Builders Show, and again voted one of the fifty 'Hot Products' at the 2008 International Builders Show.

For more information on building stairs with this adjustable stair system, visit the website, or call 866-693-9570.


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