Consumers Use of Phenocal Soars After Obesity Impact Study

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A thirty month clinical study conducted by Boston University that documents adverse effects of obesity impact on the body - namely the joints, tendons and cartilages - has spurred large sales of the popular diet pill Phenocal, as more consumers rush to drop excess pounds quickly.

Being obese doesn't just place your major internal organs at risk, nor does it double or even triple your risks on contracting serious illnesses like diabetes and cancers, but according to a recent study that was conducted by Boston University, obesity can play culprit to arthritis and osteoporosis, in a shockingly short period of time. As this recent obesity impact study circulates, consumers are flocking to the number one diet pill in the world, Phenocal - which offers a proven, side effect-free and natural approach to facilitating healthy weight-loss.

Newer studies from Boston University on the impact of obesity as it affects osteoporosis and arthritis are rather startling. The study included more than 300 different knees that were studied on more than 300 different patients, all who had a body mass index (BMI) of more than 29.5 (which is considered to be obesity). At the onset of the study the knees appeared to be mostly healthy. However, after following test subjects for a period of thirty months, about 20% of subjects displayed slowed cartilage losses, and nearly 6% demonstrated rapid cartilage losses. (Source: LA Times, July 2009.)

Frank Roemer, a respected professor and the lead author on the study at Boston University - in a July news release from BU - warns about the negative effects that obesity can have on cartilages in the body.

"As obesity is one of the few established risk factors for osteoarthritis, it is not surprising that obesity may also precede and predict rapid cartilage loss. Weight loss is probably the most important factor to slow disease progression," Roemer says.

Pharmaxa Labs (the makers of Phenocal) spokesperson, Kevin Binder, attributes such a steep influx of Phenocal sales to heightened consumer awareness of the impact that obesity can have upon their bodies.

"The medical world has warned us for years about the serious illnesses and diseases that can be contracted from obesity. But this is the first that we have been forewarned about the detrimental and debilitating arthritic and osteoporosis symptoms that being obese can also contribute to," says Binder.

The soaring consumer usage of Phenocal diet pills directly following this obesity impact study is no surprise for Binder.

"With more consumers seeking a true means to naturally and safely lose weight and keep it off, it's no surprise that impact studies such as the aforementioned lead them to the number one diet pill in the world. Phenocal truly delivers, is scientifically proven to do so, and causes no side effects," Binder explains.

Phenocal diet pills work by utilizing a proprietary combination of extensively tested and scientifically proven, all-natural ingredients inclusive of blends of Hoodia Gordonii, Green Tea Extract and 7-Keto, in addition to other thermogenic compounds that naturally control and suppress the appetite, increase the metabolic rate, and promote safe and effective weight-loss.

Phenocal diet pills are taken daily by mouth. Most people will notice a significant boost in energy, decreased food cravings and hunger, and noticeable weight-loss within the first few weeks of daily usage, when used as directed in combination with proper diet and daily exercise.

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