Arthritis Sufferers Overcoming Treatment Delays with Flexoplex

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Patients in the UK who suffer from arthritis are waiting - on average - nine months to receive medical treatment, according to recent ministry (UK) findings. Many of those left in the dark waiting are actually seeking out natural cures for arthritis like Flexoplex, and are quickly realizing that it is just as effective as the prescribed drugs that they used to take.

Heavy delays for those seeking treatment of arthritis in and around the United Kingdom can - on average - last nearly nine months before sufferers can get in to see a specialist (; July 15th, 2009). In the meanwhile, many of those afflicted with this terrible disease and who are seeking immediate treatment are turning to proven, all-natural supplements like Flexoplex (created by Pharmaxa Labs--a leading nutraceutical company) to find fast relief.

Similarly, most of the people who have used Flexoplex end up staying committed to the supplement because it actually works to rebuild, repair and lubricate the joints by stimulating the synthesis of synovial fluid and the complete matrix of the cartilage while protecting the production of naturally-occurring "pain killers" (endorphins and enkephalins) by providing natural pain relief.

This shocking wait for those who are seeking treatment of a disease like arthritis can leave many that are afflicted with its numerous symptoms without a vast array of options.

According Chris Groom, author of the 2009 UK report regarding these lengthy office visit delays for sufferers - in a July 15th interview with the popular online UK magazine - says, "This (arthritis) is a nasty disease…a progressive auto-immune disease which attacks otherwise healthy joints. Early symptoms are joint pain and stiffness and it leads to inflammation and loss of strength. It also affects other parts of the body, such as the heart and lungs, and is also associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease."

Fortunately, for the many people who find themselves placed upon a long waiting list for treatment, there are options that they have like Flexoplex, which happens to be the leading all-natural cure for arthritis in the world because it has been proven to actually address all of the symptoms without causing any known side effects. And while there is no cure for this disease, with proper treatment, those who suffer from it can actually regain a vast portion of the quality of life that they once had, prior to contracting it.

Jerry Coleman, spokesperson for Pharmaxa Labs, attributes the worldwide popularity of their arthritis treatment product - Flexoplex - to such situations and the fact that it works quickly and is extremely effective at treating the symptoms associated with this disease.

"We developed Flexoplex with everybody in mind…as both a preventative measure for folks in their early 20s - who can be prone to this disease later on - and for those who already have been diagnosed. With the first stages of arthritis showing signs at earlier ages, Flexoplex is dual purpose: you can take it to prevent the disease or slow it down and to treat it," states Coleman.

Flexoplex is a scientifically proven, all-natural and side effect-free supplement that was designed to help prevent and treat arthritis. It is one of the only all-natural arthritis cures currently on the market.

Most people report noticeable signs of improvement within the first thirty to ninety days of daily usage.

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About Flexoplex:

  • Developed Pharmaxa Labs--a leading nutraceutical company
  • Helps rebuild worn joints
  • Lubricates stiff joints
  • Increases range of motion
  • Improves mobility and flexibility
  • Soothes inflamed joints
  • Decreases pain associated with arthritis
  • Protects the production of naturally-occurring "pain killers" (endorphins and enkephalins)
  • Maintains healthy bones and joints for aging individuals
  • Improves blood supply and provides healing nutrients to surrounding tissues and cartilages
  • Stimulates the synthesis of synovial fluid and the complete matrix of the cartilage
  • Scientifically proven
  • 100% safe, effective and all-natural
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