Canada's Bajita Singh Signed As Lead Model To A Multi Million Dollar Contract With Murdercap Records

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Montreal Bombshell To Star In Numerous Music Videos, Print Campaigns, and Films For Controversial Label

Murdercap Records CEO Jerome "SLIKKFORDAYS" Almon has signed gorgeous Montreal, Canadian model Bajita Singh to a multi-million dollar, multi-year contract to take the lead in 63 TV commercials, 21 music videos, and over 100 print ads for outlets such as FHM, Rolling Stone, XXL, MTV, VH1, and BET. The ads and videos feature Bajita Singh in several explosive and controversial roles as the Hip Hop generation's most captivating visual representation. Ms. Singh exudes sexuality and class as she sashays through one glamorous escapade after another. From LA to Detroit, to Toronto to Berlin, Paris, and Milan, Bajita takes her fans on a behind the scenes look at a Hip Hop Honey's jet set lifestyle of shopping, partying, and breaking hearts. The ads are sure to be instant hits with the public and raise the bar for any would be or established model in the entertainment world.

In the commercial "Lost" Bajita Singh sets a new standard for ads for the music world. The ad is so fresh and hot that there is no suitable equivalent to compare it to. The ad features Bajita as the international jet setter just waking up from a night on the town and realizing she has lost one of her most valuable assets, and must find it ASAP. The commercial follows her as she goes on a frantic search to locate the irreplaceable item, of the most priceless nature possible. Fans will be stunned by its freshness and boldness. Hot, sexy, and captivating- just like Bajita herself.

Ms. Singh also takes the lead in Murdercap Records first 21 music videos which are shot as mini movies in a serial that will forever change how music videos are shot and visual stories are told in the Hip Hop world. Bajita kicks off her turn as film Goddess in the music video "Chinn Chekk" being filmed in Detroit, Michigan and Kaiser-Slautern, Germany. Fans of the movies will instantly recognize the inspiration for the unprecedented opening scene of the music video. Bajita Singh plays the baddest bad girl in the tradition Bridget Fonda in "Le Femme Nikita" and Angelina Jolie in "Tomb Raider." Bajita's character is goddess gun moll Ashley Parker, a professional on a mission to pull off the biggest bank heist in history with her crack crew of hit men- who steal from the rich and give to Gucci, Harry Winston, and Prada. The music video is shot as a "mini movie" full of action, mystery, and a shoot-out that can rival the best of the best ever captured on film with sexy siren Bajita Singh cutting a path for escape with a blaze of glory not seen since the rock and roll gun play exhibited by Faye Dunaway in the gangsta classic "Bonnie and Clyde." Bajita is Cleopatra locked and loaded-a female Jesse James-the baddest of the bad girls seen on the big stage in quite some time. She exudes sexiness, confidence, and class in the role sure to up her celebrity status and street cred to the highest of heights. This role is followed by equally powerful and unforgettable roles in the shoots "Can't Be My Wife," "Bonnie and Clyde 2009" and the most anticipated music video of 2009.

Bajita Singh starts her heartbreaking quest with the highly anticipated and sultry commercial "Lost" to be broadcast on VH1, MTV, BET, SPIKE, E!, and Style TV beginning in late May. The commercial is sexy, smart, and highly controversial. Her search is visually stunning and highly rewarding for the audience as she utters what will be the most repeated line of 2009 revealing the object of her quest in a most tantalizing way. The commercial is sure to make Bajita the brightest star of 2009, as she takes the world by storm. She follows up this stunning performance by playing Hip Hop's # 1 girl gangsta in the club banging video "Chin Chekk/Vanessa Joy" and the world's most sexy and politically incorrect stewardess, Parmalita Lolabridgada in "AIRCANADA/PEANUTBUTTER." The much talked about music video leaves nothing to the imagination as Bajita Singh guides a plane load of passengers into the mile high club on the Great White North's infamous national airline. Bajita's performance leaves nothing to the imagination in regards to the claim to fame. She is the salacious tour guide on one wild ride from Canada's party capital-Toronto to the legendary Motown on a trip that leaves the passenger cabin strewn with lingerie and empty champagne bottles and stewardess wearing little else. The performance solidifies Bajita Singh as one of the hot new stars in the global entertainment industry for the 21st Century.

Bajita Singh's first run as a fashion diva comes in ads for FHM, Rolling Stone, and XXL, soon to be followed by Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Vogue in ads sure to titillate, cause controversy, and add a new flavor to the world of modeling as she cavorts her way to a smorgasbord of poses sure to get the attention of the planet's men in short order. Each magazine ad is themed around the music video and commercials starring Bajita. The ads show why Bajita has that je ne sais quoi that only comes around once in a lifetime. The ads will be displayed on billboards in the world's top 100 cities- from Montreal to London, from New Delhi to New York, From Paris to Milan, from LA to Berlin, the sun will never set on Bajita Singh as the globe's hottest new model and celebrity. Watch out for her cause this hottie is sure to be an international sensation with her natural beauty and exotic looks. Naturally gifted with a magnetic personality, Bajita ads a glamourous touch to the projects as only she could do-with style, class, and glamour unmatched!


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