Convicted Sex Offender Data Goes Corporate

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National Predator Database provides direct convicted sex offender data feeds for large corporate uses in multiple formats to allow rapid matching for large social and dating sites, tenant screening, real estate sales reporting, school visitor screening, job screening and other applications where the identity and location of convicted sex offenders is required.

National Predator Database, a developer of high-performance data services announced its direct access feature for convicted sex offender data. Targeted to large businesses needing broad access to sex offender data, the company ships continuous updates to many customers and is currently shipping to some of the largest social sites in the world. Many applications require direct access to this data, such as large social and dating sites, tenant screening, real estate sales reporting, school visitor screening, job screening and other applications where the identity and location of convicted sex offenders is required.

Unlike the data from the US government's national database, which is simply a mash-up of data from each state, some of which do not contribute, the National Predator Database is fully normalized and contains public data on convicted sex offenders for all 50 states, including the District of Columbia. New data is reconciled with old data, all data is normalized into the proper tables and variable types making data manipulation possible for large corporate data processing requirements. Photos are all visually reviewed and sized and cropped to a standard size and magnification for easy photo recognition and improved machine recognition. All addresses are processed with latitude and longitude information allowing radial search of any distance, across state boundaries.

For our large corporate customers, we offer tailored programs to provide offender data in any format, XML, proprietary, push or pull or our complete database on a periodic basis. Individual data pulls can also be processed on our servers or we can do all the matching and correlation as a service. For social sites, we not only can match sex offenders by multiple criteria, we can utilize our matching technologies to find specific text patterns like bullying, threats, sexual advances, or social trends.    

Data is continuously processed, and as new data arrives daily, it's correlated with old data and changes are marked and visually reviewed. "We find some pretty amazing stuff. Photos have included water coolers, trucks or cars, an empty room, and tattoos," stated Carl Perkins, president of National Predator Database. "We take special care to review and preserve photos as often correct photos are replaced by photos of things other than the sex offender."

Our corporate customers demand data that's extremely up-to-date, accurate and properly formatted for their use. There are over 100 different data types we find in the data across all 50 states, most of which is strung together in common fields. We process this data with many different algorithms, normalizing data into its proper format and flagging abnormalities.

"Our services are extremely efficient," further stated Carl Perkins. "Our customers are surprised to find that we're often a fraction of the cost of competing solutions. We operate out of one of the largest data centers in the US, with state-of-the-art security and performance, our efficiencies of scale across a large base of customers and our automated processes give us a unique advantage."

In processing this data, the company has a continuous record of each state's performance with respect to how many states have valid addresses, photos, etc. "Generally speaking, state data is a mess! There are no uniform national standards", further stated Perkins.

About National Predator Database

National Predator Database, a Tustin California based firm and a developer of online data services also has offices in Laguna Hills, California and Indore India. The company has been processing and managing convicted sex offender data since 2004 and has the most extensive database of convicted sex offender data available.

For more information, please visit National Predator Database at or call us for more information at 888.902.0008.


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