To Wok on Water--Can the Wok Water Saver Save Millions of Gallons a Year?

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Hector Delgadillo's invention of the Wok Water Saver promises to save restaurants millions of gallons a year. Find out why one man's observation might well become a major advancement in green technology.

It's not just about dollars and sense…it's got to be about water.

It was a simple observation, and one that led to a curious invention that may have the potential to save millions of gallons of water every year. Hector Delgadillo, an air conditioning and refrigeration repairman, noticed that a restaurant's wok table was draining a torrent of water, an amazing site he first thought to be a ruptured line. In fact, this was cold water being used to cool the table.

This is what led Delgadillo to create and patent his own commercial wok table, one capable of saving hundreds of gallons of water in a single day. His invention debuted inside the kitchen of a restaurant called The Asian Buffet, located in Rialto, California on July 17th of this year. Delgadillo's motivations were purely "green", as he states to the press, "We're in a severe water shortage. That's what gave me the idea to come up with (the idea)."

Ven Cun, owner of the restaurant that now holds the first Wok Water Saver, states that woks typically burn 200-300 degrees, and that this heat will transfer to the top of the table. Therefore, about 925 gallons of cool water is used every day in cooling off the tables. On average, this is about four times the average water usage of an ordinary homeowner, amounting to a bill that runs about $3,000 a month.

Delgadillo states that his invention can cool tables without using any significant amount of water. It uses a refrigeration system that is turned on whenever woks are first started. The system continually cools, which ensures a precise temperature for cooking. The manager simply turns off the wok at the end of the day, saving literally a million gallons a year on average.

The Wok Water Saver is being championed by restaurant owners like Cun, who see the value in better water efficiency, reduced monthly bills and in improved employee safety. Delgadillo sees past just the monetary potential, stating that "It's not just about dollars and sense…it's got to be about water."

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