Conducts Customer Survey and Concludes that The Reason People Buy Posters Has Not Changed Through The Years

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A recent survey conducted by shows that although technology has changed the look of the modern poster; the reason why people buy posters has not.

that not only is it 16-25-year-old people buying posters, but our customers are also the older generation trying to hold onto their youth when they were (that age group).

Jules Cheret is considered to be the father of the modern poster. In the mid 19th century, Cheret used visual art to provide visual stimulation to people wandering the streets. His work was dubbed the "art gallery of the street". His posters were so popular that many of his gems were stolen off the street the moment they were put up. Cheret was famous for using this medium to make a statement and today people continue that same philosophy in their very own homes.

A century and half later posters adorn the homes and rooms of millions worldwide. Fighting through the technological advancements of television, radio, and cinema, posters still remain an essential tool of expression. Today the poster industry is a 500 million dollar plus industry. conducted a survey of their customers and found that people buy posters for a few different reasons: some like to decorate their walls, others to relive their youth with their favorite band/movie/TV show, while most agree it is to support a cause.

"We're finding through our study," said President of, Omid Torkian, "that not only is it 16-25-year-old people buying posters, but our customers are also the older generation trying to hold onto their youth when they were (that age group)."

The older the customer was in the survey the more they were willing to spend. One customer said he was willing to pay $500 for a vintage poster while a younger one said he would only spend $5.

"I want to make sure it fits my moods and tastes," expressed one mother who, typically bought peace posters but was buying a comic book poster for her 12-year-old. She claimed to have been seeking a rare vintage poster for 35 years but sadly to no avail.

Tina Manuelez, a 35-year-old Postergods customer from Detroit, Michigan talked about how she was buying more posters because of the passing of Michael Jackson. She expressed how Michael Jackson was tied so closely to her youth and how his death compelled her to buy Michael Jackson posters. "These posters helped me hold onto my youth and reminisce about the good times I had."

As of late, has seen resurgence in 80's posters selling. Primarily used in 80's themed parties, most of the customers were looking for titles such as the Breakfast Club, Ferris Buellers Day Off, The Goonies, Rocky and Footloose posters. This data helps us conclude that people are still using posters as a means of holding on to their memories and youth.

Today, poster appreciation has evolved from its French roots and today's customers show that the future gears towards the seller's adjustment to technology. Fact is one of's top selling products are 3-d posters that bring popular posters like Michael Jackson and Hannah Montana to life. "It almost makes them look like they're really there," exclaimed one amazed customer.

Still there is this sense of statement making that lingers through the posters of today where even Jules Cheret would be proud to see how far the art form has come. "Why else would anyone buy it," said one customer on reflection, "besides if I don't, my walls would be bare."

For over four years has offered the best prices on the net along with the largest of inventory of cheap posters. They pride themselves on providing superior customer service in order for people to continue to express themselves at a reasonable price. "I want to be there for everyone that calls and make sure they buy the poster that is right for them" claims Robledo Quindo, proud customer service representative at

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