FL Garage Door Repair and Installation Company Urges Safety when Operating Garage Doors

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In FL, garage door repair and installation company, Precision Garage Door, wants to make sure that everyone knows how to avoid accidents and injury when operating the equipment.

Garage Door Repair Florida

Proper installation is important to smooth and quiet operation, but it is vital to the safety of people, pets and personal property.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that over 13,300 people were injured by a garage door in 2007 and on average 20,000 people a year are hurt in a door-related accident. It’s not something that people often (if ever) think of, but these big bulky moving walls can be dangerous.

Proper installation is the first step towards playing it safe while operating them. Precision Garage Door representative Dale Fuller says, “Proper installation is important to smooth and quiet operation, but it is vital to the safety of people, pets and personal property.” This is why Fuller recommends that for garage doors, Orlando, Jacksonville, and all Florida residents should have a licensed installer do the work.

Once the equipment is in place, homeowners must perform routine maintenance, educate the family and control the use of the opening devices to further insure proper movement and safe operation. Florida company Precision Garage Door offers these tips for homeowners to follow to prevent accidents and injuries:

1. Education- Many accidents happen to children because they simply don’t understand the consequences of their actions. “Beat the door” is a game that kids (and even adults) are tempted to play, but this can be a deadly game with garage doors. Orlando, Jacksonville, and all Florida residents should make sure their children understand that it is not a toy. Trying to “beat the door” can cause head injuries or damage to the appendages. Always wait for the door to be fully closed or fully opened before approaching it just in case something fails to work.

2. Maintenance- Routine tune-ups are great for efficient operation of the door, but it is also essential to safe operation as well. All of the moving parts should be oiled yearly and the springs, cables and brackets checked and replaced if necessary. Test the emergency open in case an accident does occur and quick release is necessary. The sensors should also be tested to make sure that they stop the movement when the beam is broken. This is very important especially for kids and pets. If they try to run out while the door is coming down, the sensors must be in working order to abort the closure. Another test to conduct is the paper towel test. Place a roll under the door and let it lower. If it does not reverse and go up once it hits the roll, the door needs to be serviced by a licensed dealer. That reversal is an important safety measure built in to the mechanism in case a child or an animal is not setting off the sensor but is under the door. As soon as the door comes into contact, it should go back up, preventing serious injury to the child or pet.

3. Controlled Openers- For all the warnings and all the maintenance, one of the easiest things to do to avoid injury among children is to simply keep the controllers out of their reach. With garage door installation place the button opener high enough out of reach of young kids. Typical placement is at least five feet off the ground and away from the moving parts of the equipment. Dale Fuller also recommends keeping the remote openers out of reach of kids. “These portable devices are convenient, but in the hands of kids, they can be deadly.”

FL garage door repair and installation company, Precision Garage Door, wants everyone to enjoy the convenience of electric openers, but they also want everyone to stay safe. Following the tips above are an important step to preventing injury to adults, kids and pets.


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