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Most believe that bankruptcy is a safe place and an opportunity for a fresh start. Few understand that bankruptcy Trustees, Attorneys and even the Courts may operate in their own best interests: not yours. is a newly launched website which provides information concerning the possible dangers associated with bankruptcy, traces the history of an 18 year old dramatic case where a crusader lawyer was murdered for what he discovered and tracks a similar case now pending in a U.S. Federal District Court. Specific non-legal consumer advice is provided as to how one should proceed with caution!

We believe this is the largest embezzlement ever charge against a court-appointed trustee.

A new website has been launched which provides eye opening information to the millions of people now in or who are considering bankruptcy protection:

According to Robert Marshall, founder of, in the opaque world of bankruptcy, debtors and creditors are the main suspects when it comes to fraud. Bankruptcy Professionals are, to the contrary, rarely held accountable for what sometimes amounts to an egregious and arrogant abuse of power exercised in the interest of greed. examines possible motives as to why criminal and unethical behavior of "bankruptcy professionals" is tolerated.

There is a long history around the subject of Bankruptcy Rings which date back to 1922. Bankruptcy Rings, loosely defined, is cooperation between bankruptcy officials and involved lawyers to extract large amounts of money for themselves without a care about creditors or debtors. In the early 1920's Congress began to institute legistlation which was intended to control "The Credit Men". In the decades since, several other measures have been added by Congress in an effort to control inproper or illegal actions by bankruptcy professionals.

The most recent legislation, in this regard, is the The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005.

According to Robert Marshall, even though there are laws in place which have been designed by the U.S. Government over the years to keep bankruptcy professionals honest, they are seldom applied to the highly insulated world of bankruptcy professionals and complaints about wrongful activities rarely surface to public attention or legal action, if ever. examines an 18 year old case in the San Francisco area concerning the murder of a crusading and brave bankruptcy attorney, Dexter Jacobson.

Dexter Jacobson was to have filed a civil lawsuit against attorneys, trustees and others involved in a suspected bankruptcy ring operating in Northern California. His criminal complaint with the FBI was to have been finalized on 15 August 1990. Jacobson was murdered on 14 August 1990! The case has been closed by the Sausalito Police and is under seal by court order. The investigation of the FBI is also sealed. Coincidence?

California Lawyer Magazine, in its January issue of 1991 reported extensively on the murder of Dexter Jacobson in their article: Who Killed Dexter Jacobson.

One of the largest recorded fraud cases in U.S. Bankruptcy history was being investigated and prosecuted at about the same time that the SF Lawyer, Jacobson was murdered. This was the case of Charles Duck, Trustee. Duck was sentenced to 27 months in prison on a plea bargain and fined $1.5 million which may still not have been repaid.

U.S. Trustee Thomas Stanton, stated in a press release issued in 1990 concerning Duck,"We believe this is the largest embezzlement ever charge against a court-appointed trustee." Author Rodney Stitch, in his book Defrauding America, has discussed Duck and the Northern California Bankruptcy Court system extensively.

According to Robert Marshall, a case brought by a well known San Francisco physician is the first known since the terrible events of 1990's. Some of the same people who were involved with Jacobson, Duck and the Northern California Bankruptcy Court have been named by the San Francisco doctor: Case # C-09-00393 JSW now before Federal District Court in San Francisco, California. Vertkin V. Locke, Stromsheim, Michael Vertkin, Sanford Cipinko, Patrick Macias, R.G. Long and does 1-100

The site details the unfolding events around this case. Postings of case citations, correspondence with government officials and law enforcement agencies are presented in hopes that the public can benefit, first hand by seeing whether the Constitution of the United States is still alive and well.


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