Health Care Reform Is Not Possible Without Doctors

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We are approaching a crossroads in Heatlh Care Reform. Doctors are not being talked about enough. They need to be policed better, just like any other profession that effects the public so directly. Their profit motives and own self-destructive behavior often interferes with their ability to practice efficiently. They over treat, over test, and over prescribe medicine for the majority of their patients. Great White Doctor, the new edition by Bradley Lewis explains an insider's take on the sometimes dark world of health professionals.

The secret world of high-profile doctors is exposed in Great White Doctor, the new hot edition by Bradley Lewis, a former Beverly Hills surgeon. Lewis is telling the truth about the state of elite health professionals -- one filled with chauvinists, sexual deviancy, drug and alcohol abuse, and illicit medical practices.

"It's a shame we spend so much time worrying about whether athletes take drugs," notes Lewis. "Doctors should not be treated as special citizens. Why not drug test health professionals?"

Lewis cites the lack of information regarding physicians available for the general public. Currently, state-by-state information on health professionals reprimanded for drug and alcohol abuse is not readily available to the general public, nor is malpractice cases and pending investigations. California recently found out that its negligent nurses continued to practice while under years of investigation.

  • Doctors are profit-driven, graduating from school in debt.
  • Will doctors accept government insurance?
  • Every avenue in practice and hospitals is guided by more tests and more prescriptions.
  • We over treat the elderly patient.
  • We over treat anyone remotely related to "high" LDL cholesterol levels.
  • If health insurance is given to the young, the vultures in the health professions will over test them, e.g. with CT scans, and prescribe all types of medication.
  • Addiction will become even easier.
  • We will become the sickest country in the world of young adults.
  • Why do we have needless calcium heart scans? Does the whole country need to be on statins for cholesterol? They even talk of putting statins in the water supply.
  • The FDA has become a weak agency, a pawn of big business. They act when it's too late.
  • Who is going to pay for health care reform? Tax the rich?

Lewis can speak from firsthand experience as a health professional who worked in a NYC hospital for 6 years. As a patient, he can relay horrifying tales about his own care, even though the doctors knew he was educated in their work. Imagine what the average person will go through?

Based on actual medical practice and experience, Bradley Lewis' Great White Doctor (2009 New Edition), a startling realistic scalpel thriller, takes the reader behind the secret closed doors of the elite medical world, revealing shocking truths about the lives of prominent physicians. He offers surprising insights into the human condition, all through the painful lives of celebrity doctors.

"I'm so glad to hear about Brad Lewis' book. He tells the truth and it's an amazing story." - Mike Gallagher, syndicated Mike Gallagher Show, KABC radio

"A medical thriller that chronicles the road to Hell of a renowned OB-GYN whose sexual habits are bizarre. Readers will no doubt find it fascinating, if not terrifying." -

"Brad Lewis was a great guest to have on the show...I highly recommend Brad and his book to all entertainers out there." - Grant Stone, WPBR, "Talk Radio of the Palm Beaches"

"Lewis' depiction of "celebrity doctors" is interwoven with infidelity, sexual deviancy, racism, and murder...thoroughly fascinating, totally compelling and contemporary novel." - Internet Book Watch

Bradley Lewis is an acclaimed novelist, biographer, and former actor. As an oral surgeon, he practiced in both New York and Los Angeles, and is an "insider" in elite medical and celebrity circles. Great White Doctor has been a feature story of Great White Doctor can be purchased at, Kindle 2, and iPhone. He is the biographer of Mickey Cohen, Hollywood's Celebrity Gangster, The Incredible Life and Times of Mickey Cohen and co-authored the biography of Milton Berle, My Father, Uncle Miltie.

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