Boston Fear of Public Speaking Coach Launches New Website

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Nancy Cetlin helps business people overcome fear with unique techniques.

Boston based Fear of Public Speaking Coach and Psychologist, Nancy Cetlin, Ed.D., launched a new website on August 7th to inform local business people about her unique approach to overcoming fear and anxiety. The new website,, describes Cetlin's innovative approach to the treatment of fear and anxiety and features a blog which contains valuable tips and articles.

"It is my hope that my website will give Boston area professionals hope where they had previously had none. Many people still think that a fear of public speaking is an incurable burden they must carry the rest of their lives and simply learn to manage. This is not true! There are ways to overcome these crippling fears and move on to a more successful path free of anxiety. My new website illustrates this point to its visitors, and contains testimonials from individuals of all walks of life to show visitors that they are not alone, and they do have options," said Cetlin.

A psychologist and performance coach with 32 years of professional experience, Cetlin treats lawyers, executives, actors, students, and business people and helps them to overcome their public speaking fear, test taking anxiety, litigation anxiety and perform at their optimum level through her original treatment process.

Cetlin uses a unique combination of powerful techniques, such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), mental rehearsal and training, on-site live rehearsal and nuerofeedback to help her clients increase productivity, decrease anxiety, and in many cases, learn to enjoy what they had previously feared worse than death.

"After winning a prestigious award which required me to speak in front of 500 people, I was concerned that I might be unable to accept my award due to my fear of public speaking. I decided in order to conquer my fear I needed professional help so I began to work with Nancy. Her work with me was extremely thorough, systematic, and more successful than I could have imagined! Most importantly, my speech was successful and my fear of public speaking is 100% goneā€¦forever! I now seek opportunities where I can talk in front of an audience!" said Chief Executive Officer of a Boston-based personnel consulting firm, and a former client of Cetlin's.

Cetlin conducts speaking engagements, group coaching and individual coaching in the Boston-area. For more information on Cetlin, her services, or fear of public speaking, please visit

About Nancy Cetlin, Ed.D.:

Nancy Cetlin is a fear of public speaking coach and psychologist with 32 years of professional experience. Throughout her career, she has been known for her ability to bring out the best in people and to help them apply their talents and abilities to achieving greater confidence, fulfillment, and career success. Nancy's educational credentials, a B.A. from Harvard (1968) and doctorate from Boston University in Counseling Psychology (1978), are outward indicators of a lifelong passion for learning. Nancy is known for getting great results, tenaciously pursuing the answers to the mystery of each client's fears. By combining powerful techniques from psychology, coaching and neuroscience, her work significantly decreases, and often completely eliminates performance anxieties - the most common of which is fear of public speaking.


Nancy Cetlin
Nancy Cetlin, Ed.D. - Fear of Public Speaking Coach


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