, Fall Protection Experts, Report on Strong and Growing Trend of Permanent Roof Anchors and Other Permanent Fall Protection

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Fall Protection experts at report on the growing trend of permanent roof anchors in new commercial buildings and installation on existing buildings, commercial as well as residential.

Have the contractor install permanent roof anchors while they are there. It makes servicing the roof for moss/algae/general inspection much easier and safer. Plus, they are cheap.

The establishment of safety regulations and standards in fall protection began in the 1970s with OSHA. Historically, fall protection has been temporary. http:Fall protection equipment would be installed for a specific job and then removed after that job was completed. One strong trend that is on it’s way to becoming standard is the use of permanent roof anchors and other permanent fall protection.

Over the last decade the trend has increased in fall protection to making a move towards permanent fall protection. For example, many architects now spec in permanent roof anchors into blueprints when designing new commercial buildings. Often one will see Guardian's CB12 anchor actually being listed by name in blueprints.

Owners realize that installing permanent fall protection equipment, like permanent roof anchors, makes sense for later use. HVAC crews, window cleaners, gutter cleaning and other maintenance crews all need to have fall protection safety. New building owners as well as owners of existing buildings are seriously considering installing permanent roof anchors, or other permanent fall protection equipment, into their buildings after analyzing the benefits of the permanent fall protection. It especially makes sense, considering the low cost of fall protection equipment like permanent roof anchors.

Another high ranking reason for the increase of permanent roof anchors is liability. It’s safer and often cheaper to install something permanent for long term use. This thought is backed by Kevin Enderle, owner and CEO of MoldBusters who gives advice on on real estate site, His advice is to, “Have the contractor install permanent roof anchors while they are there. It makes servicing the roof for moss/algae/general inspection much easier and safer. Plus, they are cheap.” More and more, the general consensus agrees with installing permanent fall protection equipment.

There are different types of permanent roof anchors such as ridge straps, capped (rafter or truss) anchor, fixed and load distributing. There are other permanent systems, such as guardrails. Guardrails are gaining popularity since tie off isn’t required. Some consider engineered systems for thinner gauges that don’t meet requirements for permanent anchors.

Finally, Bill James, a fall protection expert working in the fall protection field the last two decades was asked about why was this trend becoming so strong. He stated that technology was catching up and surpassing safety standards now that permanent roof anchors were being made to go on a variety of substances, like wood, concrete and metal. This was not the case 15 years ago when, unless the builder had a huge I-Beam to tie into, they were out of luck as permanent anchor points go. Now that technology has caught up, there are no longer any excuses. Products are available to meet long term needs. James calls the trend the, “final acceptance of safety.”


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