San Diego Chiropractor Dr. Michael Pritsker DC Saves Thousands of Back Pain Victims from Surgery with Revolutionary New Back Pain Treatment

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Local San Diego chiropractic doctor at Titan Spine Centers treats lower back pain away with a revolutionary new spinal decompression chiropractic treatment.

Low Back Pain is potentially debilitating and will strike millions of Americans this year, and as a result, many of them will suffer for the rest of their lives due to misinformation and inappropriate care! That's the bad news. Recent advances in technology known as spinal decompression therapy offer hope for people looking for a non-surgical treatment for low back pain. This new technology is now available at Dr. Michael Pritsker DCs clinics Titan Spine Centers in San Diego and Poway.

The news has been recently covering this new breakthrough back pain relief technology that's saving people from back surgery. It's known as advanced spinal decompression, and it just may be the solution to eliminating back pain. Millions of american suffer from back pain, especially with pain radiating down the legs. This may be a serious condition called disc herniation. But this new treatment that's available at Dr. Michael Pritsker DC clinics should be checked out before committing to surgery.

Imagine how someone's life would instantly change if they discovered the solution to their back pain. Well that's what happened to Cheryl Rossi, a former back pain sufferer. As seen on 10News, "I had such severe back pain that I was having trouble sitting at my desk at work," said Cheryl Rossi. Rossi tried everything to find relief from the pain in her back and down her leg. Ms. Rossi presented to a San Diego chiropractor, Dr. Michael Pritsker with her back pain.

Dr. Michael Pritsker, a San Diego chiropractor examined Ms. Rossi and discovered that she had a disc problem. It's a serious situation, but at Dr. Michael Pritsker DC chiropractic clinics there's a revolutionary new technology in his practice in San Diego and Poway that's changing the lives of back patients. It's called advanced spinal decompression therapy. Advanced Spinal Decompression Works For: Back pain, Sciatica, Herniated and bulging discs, Degenerative disc disease, A relapse or failure following surgery, Facet syndromes and Leg & hip pain and more.

The treatment is effective and painless. Patients describe the treatment as a gentle, painless, intermittent pulling of your back. Many patients actually fall asleep during treatment! Patients typically undergo 10 to 20 treatment sessions. Each treatment last between 30 - 45 minutes. This, of course, depends on the individual case and is determined by a thorough evaluation. It is important to note that many patients get substantial, immediate relief after just a few treatments. Some after just one. The really good news is… this is not something that back pain victims have to continue to do for the rest of their lives! So it is not a big commitment.

According to Dr. Michael Pritsker, DC, Spinal Decompression allows the fluid and nutrients, blood and water to go back into the disc and restore its function. When you do that, you reduce back pain and leg pain is reduced. Rossi admits, she was nervous at first, but after noticing an improvement after two or three visits, she was hooked.

Back pain causes sick days from work and a disruption in leisure activities. Back pain can affect normal sleeping patterns and is even known to cause relationship problems. It can cause irritability, weight gain, fatigue, and much worse. Now imagine how your life would instantly change if you discovered the solution to your back pain.

The doctor that's revolutionizing back pain treatment is Dr. Michael Pritsker. You may have seen him on TV or have read a recent article about new advances in back pain treatment, or you may have seen his book called "Breakthrough For Back Pain." He is the founder of the Titan Spine Therapy back pain relief program and has successfully treated thousands of patients at Titan Spine Centers located in San Diego California, Poway California, and more locations. His non-surgical back pain treatment program will probably be the last treatment you will ever need. The state of the art technology is available for back pain, sciatica, herniated and bulging discs, spinal canal stenosis, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, and failed back surgery. His revolutionary treatment methods have patients cancelling their surgeries and living pain free again and living life to its fullest. He has been featured on 10News, Fox News, San Diego Living, KCBQ Radio and much more.

Titan Spine Centers, a Dr. Michael Pritsker DC Spine Clinic has successfully treated thousands of patients with advanced Spinal Decompression Therapy and the Three Step Spinal Correction Chiropractor program. With millions of back-pain sufferers taking pain killers for years and resorting to surgery, Dr. Pritsker was the first chiropractor in San Diego to revolutionize back pain treatment by introducing a new kind of painless therapy that is FDA cleared AND has an over 85% success rate in even those individuals with the worst kind of back pain case, such as disc degeneration, disc herniation, disc bulging and more. What is this kind of treatment and how does it work? It's called Spinal Decompression Therapy and it's everything one might hope to experience when wanting to finally get rid of torturous back pain and restore a pain-free, active lifestyle. Videos of this treatment can be seen at

By giving patients manual adjustments with spinal decompression therapy this provides for maximum results. When patients complete their last treatment they feel like entirely new individuals because the pain is not there anymore.

When this state of the art treatment was first introduced in Dr. Pritsker's office, the word spread quickly and soon there was a waiting list to receive this treatment. Patients are so satisfied with their results that they frequently recommend Dr. Michael Pritsker DC to friends and family. They saw him on

In the past ten years, Dr. Michael Pritsker, chiropractor in San Diego and Poway has treated thousands of people suffering from back or neck pain and continues to stay ahead by offering patients the most advanced non-invasive technology in treatment of some of the worse cases of neck and back pain. For people to be able to get more information, Dr. Michael Pritsker, DC has set up a toll-free 24 hour recorded information number that you can call to get more information on back pain and spinal decompression therapy. That number is 1-888-867-4951. You can also go to the website or the website to learn more or to watch the channel 10 news story about Spinal Decompression treatment for those suffering from back pain.

Every patient and condition is different, but what's been discovered is that to find out if you are a candidate for treatment you must go through a thorough evaluation with a doctor that specializes in this form of treatment. Once the evaluation is completed, than you will know if you are a candidate, how much treatment you will need and how much it will cost.

To contact Titan Spine Centers to schedule an appointment for an evaluation, contact the Mission Valley office directly at 619-858-0336 or the Poway office at 858-748-1653. Titan Spine Centers has a special offer for new patients where they can come in and get a free evaluation that includes a consultation with the doctor, a case history, a neurologic and orthopedic evaluation to see if you qualify for treatment. To be seen immediately, call Titan Spine Centers at 619-858-0336. This offer is limited so call now.

To receive a free breakthrough for back pain video and report by mail, back pain sufferers can call the toll free 24 hour recorded message at 1-888-867-4951 or visit


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