Invites the Public to Speak Their Mind About the Government and Grab the Famous T-shirt

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Serving bloggers, political activists and the general public, unveils a fun and entertaining site to keep us connected, keep us politically involved and keep us laughing.

The Steaming Pile, launched its new service that allows people to post, upload, and share their thoughts about what stinks in government. The Steaming Pile keeps people abreast of current happenings in the political world and across the Internet. As more people become increasingly involved in the government, The Steaming Pile makes it fun and easy for people to stay involved, vent and broadcast themselves worldwide.

"The Steaming Pile is the future of making a difference" said Domenic Ceaser, Founder and CEO of The Steaming Pile. "This kind of site is giving users control over how much influence they have, and how the Government perceives their role. The Steaming Pile is dedicated to making the experience as fun as possible."

Connecting the public and government, The Steaming Pile is delivering a one stop shop for people to share their thoughts, make a difference, and express themselves. The Steaming Pile even allows visitors to pick up the famous "Something in Government Stinks" T-Shirt in their webstore. The Steaming Pile is ever increasing in significant numbers as people sound off about what stinks in government.

Share Your Thoughts

Prior to The Steaming Pile internet users have had to chase after multiple blogs to keep track of the government and their doings. The Steaming Pile recognized that, and is working to collect data from each state so that users have an easy time keeping track of what happens in their local area. People are able to look up their state to see what political buffoonery is happening, or chime in to add political stunts they might know about. It will even include contact links for each state so people can contact their local political leader about their concerns after getting themselves nicely riled up. Anyone can "pull up a stool" and speak their mind on the topics of political buffoonery, mindless government waste or anything that makes people say "They want to do what?"

Let's not forget the "The Golden Turd Award" Each week someone is nominated for the turd award and given a web award for their stupidity. The site archives all the winners' so people are never short of something to talk about.

The Famous Song

The Steaming Pile Copyrighted a song called "This Debt is Your Debt". The song has become famous, so they went a step further and have added music to it so people can sing along. Can't you see it now? This song being sung on "The Colbert ReportTM" or "The Jon Stewart ShowTM" The song features all the quirks and funny aspects of what the government is doing with our money. View the Song Here

The "Something in Government Stinks" Famous T-Shirts!

Back, by increasing demand, the "Something in Government Stinks" T-Shirt's are back! The T-Shirts feature the famous logo with the Capitol Building as a pile of dung being surrounded by government leaders as flies. Hilarious! There are bumper stickers, t-shirts, and other items that allow people to express themselves. Grab a T-Shirt here

The "New Seat of Government" sticker which features an outhouse! What a Crack Up! Don't forget the "Oba-math=Bar-oke" Sticker! Too Cool!

"We've found people love these t-shirts as it allows them to express themselves and gives them a voice; it tends to hold government officials accountable as well" said Ceaser.

The Site

Ceaser adds, "The Steaming Pile is a company motivated to putting a smile on people's faces while making them think."

About The Steaming Pile

Founded in January 2009, The Steaming Pile is an internet media company for people to speak their mind about the government through a Web experience. The Steaming Pile was created with the intention of putting a smile on peoples faces while making them think. Anyone can "pull up a stool" and speak their mind on the topics of political buffoonery, mindless government waste or anything that makes people say "They want to do what?". The more people become disenchanted with the turds who are supposed to be the protectors of our country's values, the more we need places like The Steaming Pile to keep us connected, keep us involved and keep us laughing. If it smells like crap, it usually is. Something in government stinks! The Steaming Pile is set to become the Internet's premier meeting place for people to share thoughts and learn more about government buffoonery.

The Steaming Pile focuses on the subjects of: politics, blogs, government waste, Obama, senators, Congress, politicians, mayors, state waste, city waste, president, congress, senate, tax, media, web, internet, pictures, videos, TARP, the stimulus plan, fed, wall street, bills, stocks, bonds, stock market, national security, immigration, Health Care Reform, and anything related to government.


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