Wizetrize: You Win for the Environment, Yourself and Others by Making a Difference Today

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WizeTrize.com is a new website giving incentives (Sweepstakes Prizes) to people wanting to do something good for the environment. This unique approach gives participants an opportunity to simultaneously help the earth, help their fellow man and perhaps win a free prize themselves, in a bi-weekly sweepstakes drawing. Prizes are incentives and encouragement for getting involved. These are prize giveaways for less than the cost of a latte, meal deal or even an airport hot dog.

Try it out, download pictures and perhaps you'll be a winner starting in the September 7th sweepstakes and contests drawing.

Wizetrize is first of all a sweepstakes company with a purpose. Buy pics or make an in-kind donation and you'll automatically be entered to win in a sweepstakes prize drawing. Proceeds support environmental projects and local charities. Visit: http://www.wizetrize.com which launches this week for details.

Wizetrize promotes earth-friendly initiatives and foreverism in Costa Rica and the United States. Having people visit Costa Rica is one of their goals. Visits help people to appreciate and enjoy nature at its finest, and then embrace stewardship at home. They clean up rivers. They champion causes for responsible co-existence in our bio-diverse world. They pursue sustainable development and environmental education. They are involved in growing bio-fuel trees that make organic petroleum. For more information see their blog at: http://wizetrize.wordpress.com

Ben Lucky, founder and president of the company, is dedicated to what he calls "GROW". "Genuine Respect for Our World." Lucky says, "With all the confusion about whether or not man is the cause of all environmental problems or if politicians are the solution to global environmental issues, we can all step back and embrace the fact that, yes, 'we can all do little things in mass to help with environmental protection.' We want to spotlight good behavior, illustrating how man and nature can co-exist without extremism or hidden agendas."

The Wizetrize vision is one that any open-minded, rational and caring person can champion:

"A vibrant and healthy environment and economy are absolutely fundamental for the world's dynamic progress and prosperity."

·    We want clean air and water - No Air Pollution - Clean Streams
·    We want clean businesses that make every available effort to advance a reasonable balance of green consciousness and profitability‚Ķso all can enjoy liberty and nature.
·    We want food that is natural, free from harmful chemicals, hormones and/or additives.
·    We want animals to live in a natural habitat that has been set-aside for them without taking property from homeowners.
·    We support practical solutions so that rodents and pests are not afforded greater rights than children, and so businesses and profits do not override nature.

Wizetrize uses incentives to motivate. "How would you like to win a trip to Costa Rica for $3, or a netbook computer in a sweepstakes giveaway for just 3 bucks?" WizeTrize, serves as a sweepstakes company giving away prizes to ordinary people for visiting and creating a free account, and either buying a digital pic from their photo gallery or making an "in-kind" donation. Wizetrize also has surprise giveaways. Prizes range from $100 gift cards, to the newest cellphone or iPhone and travel.

WizeTrize, in partnership with associates in Costa Rica, works to do what is right by keeping the planet a "clean, green, pristine scene." By signing up, a participant gets to help do Good and do Green for just $3.00. Restore a wildlife habitat for the Jaguar or Sea Turtle. As a plus, winner's support and give back locally since Wizetrize gives a check in the winner's name to the local charity of his/her choice.

Lucky wants you to join them on Facebook too and visit their blog to learn more, to enjoy their galleries for photographic samples of what Wizetrize and Costa Rica have to offer. Costa Rica is Pura Vida and is described as nature's best amusement park. It is just 2 ½ hours away by air from more expensive blacktop park options in Orlando.

This is a company that truly believes that we can all make a difference. And they encourage us with a potential "enter to win" prize contest every two weeks. Like their logo says, "I can make a difference." They extend an invitation to all. As they launch, Lucky personally invites you to "Try it out, download pictures and perhaps you'll be a winner starting in the September 7th sweepstakes and contests drawing."

For additional information contact Ben Lucky or visit http://www.wizetrize.com

Ben Lucky is the owner. Born in Illinois, raised in Virginia, schooled in Colorado, he lived in Guatemala for two years where he fell in love with nature. He has traveled to every state in the United States, parts of Canada and Europe and all of Latin America and the Caribbean.

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He initially started WizeTrize ® to make "Wise Efforts" in preserving nature.

Ben Lucky, President
Wizetrize.com LLC
(352) 978-6640

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