Natural Look the New Standard for Breast Enhancement in Suffolk County

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Size matters, but for Suffolk County breast augmentation patients the new focus is on larger results that still flatter their natural frame, according to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. James Romanelli.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. James Romanelli ( says that the majority of patients he has seen this year for breast augmentation in Suffolk County are more focused on gaining an elegant look, rather than just "going big." While size clearly matters to his patients, he says that balance and a "natural" result have become the top criteria for excellent results.

"Size is still very important to my patients because big breasts can give a woman a stronger sense of femininity, help her feel sexier, and increase her confidence," explains Dr. Romanelli. "However, I think now the main question I hear in my breast enhancement consultations is not 'can you make me look bigger?' - it's 'how can I find that balance between large and natural-looking?'"

Dr. Romanelli's patients cover a wide range of careers, ages, and goals, but he says that in general they are all showing a clear trend toward placing a higher value on how natural their new breasts look, even for larger-size augmentation procedures.

"Balance and a natural look should be the goal for any cosmetic surgery procedure in Suffolk County, but until recently women who wanted higher-volume implants had to balance their desire for larger breasts against the risk that their results would look 'worked on.' That just isn't the case anymore, and more patients are learning that."

New implant options introduced in the past few years have also given patients more control over how their final results will appear, and Dr. Romanelli says that as more women become aware of the ways surgeons can fine-tune results, they feel more comfortable choosing the implants they want.

"The patient's anatomy and skin quality, and her desires for the size, shape, and feel of her results are important factors I consider, but a number of smaller decisions also need to add up in the right ways to create results that look natural," Dr. Romanelli explains. "With post-pregnancy patients, for example, it's especially important to make sure to balance out the results by creating the right amount of fullness in the upper breast. Factors like that need to play into every choice the patient and surgeon makes."

Depending on the patient's measurements and goals, Dr. Romanelli will suggest the type, shape, and size of the implants, and recommend the right incision option and placement techniques to flatter a patient's body type. In some cases, he will also recommend additional Suffolk County cosmetic surgery procedures such as a breast lift to correct sagginess and other problems that could compromise the patient's results.

"Today," Dr. Romanelli says, "patients essentially have the choice between just meeting the baseline goal - in this case, larger breasts - or creating results that genuinely look and feel right, enhancing their shape in dramatic, positive ways. There's a world of difference between the two."

Dr. James Romanelli ( is a board-certified plastic surgeon focusing on body, facial, and breast enhancement procedures for Suffolk County women. After earning his medical degree from SUNY Downstate, Dr. Romanelli received eight years of post-graduate specialty training in specialties including general surgery, plastic surgery, and hand surgery. Dr. Romanelli has received numerous awards and professional appointments in recognition of his surgical skill and results, and he currently serves as the Chief of Surgery at Huntington Hospital, in addition to providing a full range of procedures from his cosmetic surgery offices in Suffolk County.


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