Eco Green Drilling Mud Protects Oil Rig Workers From Oil Based Drilling Mud Hazards

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Reports show drilling muds based upon diesel and distillates pose a risk to oil rig workers. Diesel drilling muds are commonly used in exploration of oil and gas. Rapid Energy Service has developed a safe alternative in its Quantum EF drilling fluid system. The Quantum EF is based upon plant derived ingredients and possesses none of the hazards encountered when using diesel or distillate drilling muds.

Rapid Energy Services’ eco green Quantum EF drilling fluid reduces health risks for oil rig workers handling distillate or diesel-based drilling muds. A recent study conducted Work Safe BC, a Canadian health and safety company reports oil based muds and muds made from oil distillate may expose workers to dangerous levels of hazardous organic compounds. 

Material safety data sheet’s published by several diesel producers report the presence of hazardous organic compounds. The Canadian report revealed exposure levels for benzene, ethylbenzene, toluene and xylene greatly exceed the time weighted safe limits established by the Canadian equivalent of the US’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  It is recognized by the ACGIH in the US that hazardous compounds found in distillates and diesel are known cancer causing agents and neurotoxins linked to a variety of neuro-degenerative disorders. In the US the threshold limit value specifies an eight hour time weighted average for total diesel vapor and aerosol of only 15 parts per million or 100 milligrams per cubic meter of air, provided by ACGIH.

Recognizing the need for a safer, worker-friendly drilling fluid, researchers at Rapid Energy Services developed the Quantum EF drilling fluid system.  Quantum EF is an eco green drilling mud system based on plant-derived ingredients, with water as its major liquid phase.  The ingredients are plant derived compounds making Quantum safe for oil rig worker exposure.  Beyond safety for workers and the environment, Quantum delivers high performance results in drilling applications, including increasing the rate of penetration of the drill bit.  When compared to oil based muds, Quantum’s unique patent pending surfactant composition reduces the overall cost of cleaning the drilling rig and drill site once the drilling operations are completed. A major performance benefit to using Quantum is its non-damaging effect to the oil and gas producing formations. Independent testing reports any residual Quantum drilling mud left behind in the well bore and on the surface of the producing formation is readily removed with only water, improving the ability for oil and gas to flow freely from the producing formation.

David Trahan, President and Chief Technology Officer for Rapid Energy Services says, "Oil companies no longer have to balance the performance of diesel-based systems against the risk of exposing workers to diesel-based mud hazardous compounds.   Quantum EF offers all the performance of diesel-based systems with none of the health safety or environmental concerns at a use cost very similar to any oil mud.  We don't believe anyone's been able to offer this to the industry before."

Quantum has been successfully used in Haynesville Shale projects and in drilling areas in Alberta, Canada. Rapid reports Quantum has proven to be a good choice for use in drilling non conventional shale regions such as the Barnett, Fayetteville, Marcellus and other emerging non conventional gas shale developments. In Canada, Rapid's market development partner is Mud Master Drilling Fluid Services.

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